Lemon Heaven - Food Stand

I've seen Lemon Heaven at a few events this year, and I finally got to try it at the Khatsalano Street Party! I can't believe I got duped into paying $4.50 for lemon and water, but hey, I was thirsty haha! Seriously, they must be making a mint! I really like their name though, "Lemon Heaven" just rolls off the tongue! ;D
What sets them apart from your regular ol' lemonade stand is the option to add or mix and match your own flavours! They call it their"Concentrated Lemon Heaven Syrup" haha! They have flavours like Strawberry, Lime, Wtermelon, Iced Tea, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry! I didn't add any, because I've been cutting back on processed/artificial food as of late!
Regular Size
4/5 stars
I love how the lemon inside fits perfectly into the logo hehe. Yes, I'm lame like that. Even though they did squeeze a lot of lemon inside, it was still pretty diluted and tasted mainly like water, not lemonade haha. They didn't add any sugar, which I like, because I prefer the natural sourness of the lemon. Again, not worth the money, but for what it is, it's super refreshing on a hot day!



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