Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory - Awesome Gomae!!

If you live in Vancouver and eat sushi, most likely you consider yourself a sushi connoisseur, like 98% of hip, urban Vancovourites haha!! Am I right or am I right? jkjk. Most people I know turn up their noses at any restaurant that isn't authentic haha! In their minds, inauthenticity immediately invalidates a restaurant of producing "good food." Any sushi connoisseur would most certainly scoff at a name like "Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory." Images of california rolls, dynamite rolls or chicken teriyaki come to mind (not that there's anything wrong with those things, I love all of the above haha!) Yes, it's inauthentic, but hey, this place still delivers with tasty, affordable food! 

 Tokyo Joe's is a local favourite in Richmond for their "fusion rolls!" It's run by a super enthusiastic group of Koreans, and believe me when I say enthusiastic haha! The service here is just awesome! When I walked in I witnessed the young waitress playfully hitting the sushi chef on the head with a plate haha, which I thought was pretty funny! Great way to start off a meal ;)

Everyone at Tokyo Joe's is genuinely friendly and polite! The young waitress even commented that my outfit was cute haha!! These people sure love their job, and it shows! :D I would come back here just for the service, and the great food of course!! ;)

Gomae Roll $4.25
5/5 stars
Yes, I gave this roll a perfect 5 stars haha! This was probably one of the best "fusion" type rolls I've had in a while! At first I was a bit sceptical...uh, gomae in a sushi roll? But after I had my first bite, I was hooked! I could seriously eat 10 pieces of this haha! Their sesame sauce is house made, and it's amazing! It's a little sweet, a little salty, a little nutty with the grounded sesame seeds making the paste incredibly fragrant! The spinach was actually really fresh and super crunchy! Next time I'm definitely ordering double of this hehe.

Volcano Roll $10.95
3/5 stars
The volcano roll is a california roll toped with salmon sashimi, tobiko, sesame seeds, and a spicy mayo sauce! I saw Mijune's review on this and that's what compelled me to order it haha! She rated it a perfect 6, and being the food expert she is haha, I decided to trust her opinion and try it out! While it was good, it fell a little short of my expectations. It basically tasted like spicy sashimi on rice haha! I say "rice" because I couldn't taste the california roll underneath because the spiciness just completely overwelmed the other flavours haha. The sauce they drizzle on top is pretty spicy, and tastes like a mixture of mayo, hot sauce, and salad dressing. Personally, I like it saucy (hehe) so I asked for a side of extra sauce for dipping! :D

Miso Soup
3/5 stars
Yay for unlimited miso soup! They have a self serving station in the back where you can help yourself! The miso soup is on the saltier side, and missing the seaweed.You can tell it's unauthentic because there's a spoon in it haha! 



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