Vj's Railway Express Food Truck

Vj's Railway Express is a food truck that was built upon the success of Vj's, a fine dining Indian restaurant in West Van! For a food truck, the food is definitely priced at a premium, with the cheapest meal being $13! I'm going to tell you guys the truth, I've actually never tried VJ'S before haha (I know, shocking right?!) So I can't really compare the food to the actual restuarant (but I'm pretty positive the real Vj's is leagues better haha!)
Butter Chicken
3/5 stars
The butter chicken is one of the most popular dishes on the menu! Personally, I felt that this dish fell short of the hype surrounding this food truck. While the chicken was aromic with plenty of spices, it was rather dry and hard in texture. The naan wasn't springy enough, and was a bit dry as well. I really liked the basmati rice though, it was super fragrant and had been cooked properly!

I'll definitely have to go and experience the real Vj's haha! But I have no one to go with...sigh, none of my friends or my asian parents are into the whole "fine dining" thing haha! And wouldn't it to weird to go by myself? Who else can relate? ;)

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  1. You don't have to go to Vij's in Vancouver, you can go to his new My Shanti in Surrey :-)


    1. Oh I heard about my shanti on yelp! I want to hehe! Have you tried it yet? :)

  2. Not yet, could be awhile 'tho. We don't generally venture out that way just to eat.


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