Ba Su Schezuan Cuisine - Crystal Mall Food Court

I go to Crystal Mall you may have noticed! So much in fact that I'm the duchess (on yelp!) of Crystal Mall! ;) Ba Su is a stall in the Crystal Mall food court that has sparked my curiosity for years, dating back to seventh grade haha! 

  Ba Su specializes in Schezuan "home style" cuisine. Hey, fun fact of the day: I'm actually half (or is a quarter?) Schezuan! So that day, since it was raining, my grandma suggested we do takeout and we got 2 items to go! Each dish was $5. For pre cooked food, it's pretty decent and tastes like something your grandma would make for you!
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Cumin Beef Brisket $5
3/5 stars
I love cumin, so we got an order of the cumin beef brisket! The dish was indeed very heavy on the cumin and spices. The beef brisket was unfortunately, wasn't very tender. For the price we got about 6 pieces of beef brisket.
Braised Pork Hock $5
2/5 stars
Wow this thing was pale! Usually chinese pork hock is marinated to take on a deep, brown colour. The paleness was indicative of a lack of flavour. While it was tender and reasonably moist, it was comprised primarily of fat with the only flavour coming from the sauce.

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  1. Yikes! I feel your pain, Selina. Ba Shu was where I started in Crystal Mall. Back then you got three items on rice for $3.95. It was ok, filling and cheap. That was about it. One day I got their meatballs. Noticed they were raw inside and never went back. Now I avoid the steam tables and go for made to order. Keep up the hunt! Pretty soon you'll be Queen!

    1. Hey Karl! Wow $3.95, that really is cheap! Raw meatballs? Thats a first!I agree, the perpared food is generally of lower quality, but for a quick and cheap lunch it fits the bill!
      The made to orders are definitely a safer bet!
      Haha thanks! I do go to Crystal Mall really often :)
      What are your favourite stalls in the CM food court?

  2. Bubble Waffle, obviously! I love Huaxi Noodle and Chao Shou Wang. Hana Sushi is always reliable. Go downstairs and check out Meishan. Try the House Special Beef Noodle Soup (#27) at Green Bamboo. Incredible as are all the soups. Abdul BBQ (on the Kingsway side) makes a great shawarma. Happy eating!

    1. Me too! Bubble Waffle Cafe, Huaxi, and CSW are always solid bets!
      I think I ate at Meishan in sixth grade haha, I'll have to make a revisit! Since both you and Kenneth both recommend it, I'll definitely have to try it out! I agree, I love abdul's, he does make some great shawarma! Thanks for all the great recommendations! :)


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