Chuan Xiang Ju BBQ House

  Yayy, another hidden gem in the Killarney area! Yesterday I blogged about Hyoga nearby! I tend to go through phases where I eat in a specific area for an amount of time haha, so looks like Killarney is my new go to neighbourhood (for now!) 

   Chuan Xiang Ju is an authentic Chinese restaurant specializing in BBQ and Hunan cuisine. It looks kind of sketchy on the outside haha but I was actually pleasantly surprised! The restaurant itself is really small and can only accommodate 20 or so people. The guy serving us was super friendly and fetched us water/plates/spoons multiple times!

   I also went to Milk & Sugar for bubble tea and it was awesome!! Blog post about that coming soon ^^
I can't read chinese haha
Dry Pot Pork Intestine $13.50
4/5 stars
  This was delicious! It had a ton of intestine, mu er, lotus root, and radish in it! You can choose your level of spiciness, I went with mild.You can also get different variations of this dish with different ingredients, but this one was the cheapest hehe. Yes, I'm a total cheapskate ;)
The intestine was super tender, juicy and moist. The lotus root and radish were really crunchy and really soaked up the flavours of spices.
Fried Chicken Skin 3 for $2.99
3/5 stars
   Most people order their bbq skewers, but you can only order them in sixs and they're 99 cents to $2.99 each. Since we didn't feel like eating that much we ordered 3 pieces of chicken skin instead! The skin was super crunchy, and slightly chewy on the inside. It was dusted with a delicious blend of cumin, chilli and black pepper. It wasn't overly greasy which I appreciated!
White Rice $1 each
We also got some rice, cause rice is my life haha! They use long grain rice, which is my favv :D

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