Dim Sum @ Chef Tony

  Another week, another dim sum adventure!! This week my dad and I decided to go to Chef Tony, which was recommended by a reader @anonymous! Thanks again for the recommendation! Chef Tony is located in Empire Plaza (beside Parker Place.) 

  Chef Tony is definitely one of the pricier dim sum establishments in Richmond! The prices are higher and there's no 20% discount before 12. A $4 charge for tea & condiments is automatically added to your bill.

  The dishes at Chef Tony are definitely not your average, run of the mill har gow and siu mai. Their dishes are definitely innovative and defy the traditional norms of dim sum. Siu Mai with truffle oil anyone?

  The first thing you'll notice when you walk in is the decor. Man, I really wish I took a picture of it haha, but I forgot! It's a strange mixture of nouveau riche, modern, traditional chinese decor, and it's just kind of tacky haha. You'll know what I mean if you see it for yourself!
Baked Egg White & Cream Bun $4.80
4/5 stars
  These were great! The buns were super pillowly and soft, and weren't dense at all! They were filled with a white airy paste that wasn't too sweet! This is one of their "signature" dim sum items because it was advertised on each table!
Beef Rolls w/ Basil Leaves $8.38
3/5 stars
   I was surprised my dad ordered this, being the frugal person he is haha! These worked out to be about a dollar per piece, which is pretty pricey! These were sitting in a vinegar/wine type sauce. The beef pieces themselves were a bit bland without the added sauce. The wrapped basil leaves really incorporated well with the flavours of the vinegar and brought out the textures of the roll.
Assorted Mushroom Pastry $6.95
3/5 stars
  I've tried this dish at both Jade and Grand Dynasty, but this was definitely different. The outer shell was super flaky and crispy. The mushroom filling was chopped up and really fragrant. The flavours were very delicate, and it wasn't overly salted.
Claypot Rice w/ Sausage, Taro, and Duck $6.95
4/5 stars
   Andd of course, dim sum wouldn't be complete if my dad didn't order a claypot rice. I really liked this version, it had more of a variety. There were 4 pieces of chinese sausage (not cut up!) taro, duck, and two pieces of gai lan. It was on the smaller size, but we were still sastified. The duck pieces and sausage pieces were REALLY salty though. A solid rendition of this dish nonetheless.

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