Dim Sum @ Good Eat Seafood Restaurant!

  Currently I'm on a mission to try every dim sum restaurant in Richmond! I still have quite a few restaurants on my list haha, but I'm getting there! To @anonymous that recommended that I try Chef Tony, I will! And if any of you have any dim sum recommendations, leave them for me down below in the comments! :)

   On Friday we went for dim sum at Good Eat! The day before we went to South Ocean, which is around the same price point. Unlike South Ocean, you don't get 20% before noon. Most dishes here are around $2.75, with entrees going upwards to $8.

 In Hong Kong it's not unusual for people (especially the retired crowd) to have yum cha everyday! In HK dim sum starts as early as 5 am! They usually order 2-3 dishes and sit there till noon haha!
Flakey Chashu Pastry $2.98
2/5 stars
These things were tiny! The exterior was really crispy and fragrant from the sesame. The interior filling however was lacking in overall flavour, as the char siu flavour wasn't potent enough. Chashu pastries are suppose to be sweet-salty, and this one wasn't. The sweetness was so subtle I could only taste the saltiness.
Chicken Feet & Spareribs on Rice $5.98
3/5 stars
I've had this dish wayyy too many times to count at Dim Sum, I'm becoming a spareribs w/rice claypot expert! It's just something my dad always orders! The spareribs here were alright, they were juicy, and were full of flavour, without being overly salty. The skin on the two pieces of chicken feet were soft, and slid right off without any effort on my part. The rice was crispy at the edges and didn't stick together.
Beef Brisket w/ Daikon $6.98
3.5/5 stars
This came in a sizzling stone bowl that kept the entire dish hot for a long time! The beef brisket was really tender, but was comprised primarily of fat. The daikon pieces were crunchy, and didn't get soggy from the sauce. While it wasn't lacking in flavour, the entire dish was too one toned and generic tasting.

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  1. Quick question, which restaurant(s) did you end up rating as your favourite dim sum place in Richmond? Thanks!

  2. Hi anon!! :)

    Probably the Jade Seafood restaurant on Alexandra, or Sun Sui Wah! Fisherman's Terrance in Aberdeen is also really solid! If you're into push carts Continental Seafood is a great option! Hope I helped, enjoy your yum cha haha! ;)

  3. Thanks! Of these, which of these has gui fay bao? Kinda dragging some non asian friends out of vncouver to richmond becausr i hear its cheaper but still tasty :) thanks! T

  4. Hi Anon!! Every dim sum place I've been too has gui fay bao! Definitely one of my favs hehe! You're welcome! :D


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