Double Double Restuarant & Wonton - Empire Centre

  Instead of going for dim sum yesterday my dad and I decided to switch things up and go for some HK style brunch! 

  Why they decided to name themselves Double Double is beyond me haha! This isn't a Timmy's! In chinese they're called Lao Yuo Tiao, which roughly translates to "Old Chinese Doughnut." Chinese doughnuts are what they're famous for, so it makes sense, but Double Double? 

Signature Dishes
Located in Empire Centre, Double Double is famous for their chinese doughnuts, rice rolls, fried wontons, radish cakes and congee! They also have a variety of HK style lunch dishes!

Service - 2/5 stars
The food came really fast and the service was quick. When we asked for more sauce the lady was really nice and said that we could ask for more if it wasn't enough!

Ambiance - Casual
The restaurant itself is quite spacious and the decor is typical of an HK cafe. Most people come here for breakfast so breakfast time is definitely rush hour!

Value $
The portions are really large and the prices are reasonable, averaging about $5.50 for a bowl of congee, depending on what you order. Personally I find their yu tiao to be a bit overpriced at $2.25 each considering you can buy a pack at a bakery for $2.

More Info!
128 - 4600 No. 3 Road 帝國中心 Richmond BC V6X4E8
Closed Tuesdays
Monday 10:30am-10:00pm

Wednesday - Sunday 10:30am-10:00pm

Cash Only
HK Style Sampan Congee $5.50
4/5 stars
   Sampan congee is essentially a combination of different ingredients like chicken, tripe, century egg, peanuts, etc. The congee was really thick and just the right consistency. There was no absence of flavour and the ingredients really meshed well together.We shared this between 2 people but you can also order this in a larger size for a group!
Shrimp & Chive Rice Roll $4.75
3/5 stars
  This was solid as well! The rice rolls were really thin, bouncy, and filled with ample amounts of juicy shrimp. They drizzle a sweet oil based sauce on the roll which makes the whole thing really oily haha. The chives were a great contrast to the sweetness of the sauce and balanced out the flavours really well.
Salted Chinese Donut $2.25
3/5 stars
   Chinese donuts are their speciality!They're made to order, so they're served to you hot and crispy. It's lightly salted and not too oily. My only gripe was that the dough was a bit dry. This thing was huge and eating this alone will most likely make you full haha!

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  1. An overview on your rating system would be helpful, the service ranking is low but it was good? On numerous reviews the rating is below average but you still vote "like" so it's misleading

    1. Hi Anon! :)
      Thanks for the comment! I understand your confusion, let me explain:
      I "like" restuarants mainly based on the food, and I usually don't factor in the service aspect into my overall impression, that's why I have a separate service rating. As long as the food is good, Ill usually look past the service. Thats why I rate/comment on the service separately!

      I hope this clears things up! :D
      Ill make an overview of my rating system that goes into more detail! Look out for that in the near future! It's going to be on a seperate tab page on the top bar! Thanks again for the constructive criticism! :) have a great day!!


    2. To clarify, your rating is 2/5 but what was wrong with the service? What makes it below average? On some of your reviews, the food is below average but you still vote "like". The new layout of your blog is more informative but needs some tweaking. Keep up the bubbliness!

  2. Oh sorry lol I read your previous comment wrong! I didn't know you were referring to the food being below average, I thought you were talking about the service! My bad! :)

    For this particular restaurant, the 2/5 stars was because the servers weren't very nice, they just threw the menu at us, but to be fair they did their job, and were quick to bring us extra condiments. If they had a better attitude, it would definitely be 3/5 stars, possibly even 4/5 stars.

    For my other reviews where I voted "like" even though the food was "below average" it was either because I liked a component of the dish, say the portion size, quality, or the price.

    I usually try to look for positives and I try to downgrade the negatives, because I know business owners work really hard to make a living, so I try not to be so hard on them haha! My family runs a small business as well so I know how difficult it is! :)

    But since you mentioned it, I'll definitely be more "critical" when "liking" from now on! Thanks for bringing that issue to my attention! :)

    I'll elaborate on the 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars when I type up the overview of my "ratings system!" LOL sorry if my explanation was all over the place, I'm still learning and trying to sort things out! :)

    And thanks hehe! I'm glad my bubbly personality shows in my reviews! :D Thanks again for commenting! Have a great night!!


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