Food Cart Fest 2014 Overview - Part 1

Attention all you foodies (you probably are one if you're reading this haha) If you guys haven't checked out Food Cart Fest, you definitely should go! It's an extraganza part-tay where the city's best food trucks gather in one location for your convenience! Food Cart Fest is every sunday from 12-5 pm, so don't fret if you missed out on last weeks! If you guys don't drive (like me) just take the Canada Line to Olympic Village, and it's just a short 3 min walk to the venue!
Ze Bite

 Ze Pig $12
3/5 stars
Ive probably passed by this truck 3-4 times already but finally got the chance to try it! Ze bite specializes in french baguettes and crepes! You choose your " flavour" and then you choose your "base" a baguette, crepe or pizza!I went with the ze pig and the crepe! The ze pig consists of citrus and  spiced braised pork, japalenos, grainy dijon mayo and mixed greens!, It was delicious! There was a ton of flavourful pulled pork, the crepe was tres excellent: thin and crispy! 
The owners are friendly too!
Johnny's Popsicles

Key Lime Pie $4
5/5 stars
OMG THIS WAS AMAZING.Oh Johnny, how I love thee, oh Johnny, your Popsicles are so yummy!! THIS, my friend, is the epitome of popsicle perfection!! If you're never had a gourmet popsicle from johnny, boy you are missing out! I got the key lime pie, which blew my mind, twice over. My mom took a bite and she was utterly speechless. Totally justifies the $4 price tag. I would eat them everyday if I could! It was tangy, oh so creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness! The Graham crackers sprinkled on top gave it an interesting texture and made it taste EXACTLY LIKE key lime pie!!

Because of Johnny,  I will NEVER look at Popsicles the same way again.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Johnny himself is kinda cute, just sayin ;)

Pig on the Street
The Porker $11
4/5 stars
The porker is insane! Get it, you won't regret it! Hey, I just unintentionally rhymed! :D
The porker is filled to the brim with thick pieces of smokey bacon and a huge chunk of meatloaf (which was actually a sausage shaped like a meatloaf!)  This thing was massive!! The porker consists of double smoked bacon, sasuafe stuffing with apple sage, goat gouda, apple churney, carnelised onion mayo, and greens! The bacon was super thick, crunchy, and had a wonderfully smoked flavour. The meatloaf was tender, juicy, with a liberal amount of spices. The cheese added an extra kick! I wanted to try their bourbon brownie, but it was sold out for the day! boo :(
Mom's Grilled Cheese

Harvata Cheese on Sourdough Bread $8
4/5 stars
I went basic, and chose a simple combo of sourdough and harvata, to really let the flavours of the cheese shine through. I'm really glad I did, because it was delicious! The cheese was perfectly gooey and melted, and the bread was just a spectacle in it of itself, it was perfectly toasted, and had just the right amount of crunchiness. The sourdough was great because it wasn't too sour as to overwhelm the cheese, but complimented the other flavours nicely!

Strawberry Daquiri $3
1/5 stars
I got this for my mom because she wanted something icy to drink. Basically just flavoured syrup with ice and very minimal alcohol. You can get this in a to go cup or a "fancy" cup like this haha!

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  1. Damn this looks so much better than the day I went... except I went when it was cloudy so maybe that's why? =_________=

  2. Haha when did you go? It was so hot when I went it felt like it was 30 degrees! :D


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