Happy Together HK Cafe - Admiralty Centre

Wow, I just realized that my thumb is visible on the corner of this photo...*fail* sorry about that haha! 
Anyways, continuing on my food court quest, I checked out Happy Together, a HK Cafe stall in the food court of Admiralty Centre! Admiralty Centre is across from Bubble Queen, and they actually have a great food court! My favourite being M&W Chicken, which could *possibly* be my favourite food court stall in Richmond! :O
Hong Kong Style Spaghetti w/ Cream Sauce $7
3/5 stars
This was $7.50 and it came with a hot drink! It was really heavy on the cream, with slices of ham, dices of chicken, corn, carrots, and peas in it. The noodles were al dente, and the cream prevented it from sticking together. Hey, it's not the best spaghetti with cream sauce you'll ever have, but its decent! For the price, the portion size was quite large and really filling!
Fish Fillet & Tofu $6.90
3/5 stars
This was actually pretty good! The fish filet was tender and moist, the tofu was fried properly, and the portion size was quite large! It was drizzled with a thick soy sauce based sauce, which made the dish really tasty!
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