Hung's Teppanyaki - Crystal Mall

      Yesterday I went to Crystal Mall (surprise,surprise) for din din! I've probably passed by Hung Teppanyaki over 50 times on my way to the bathroom haha but I've never tried them, until yesterday! It's one of the stalls with the least amount of traffic, most likely because they're located near the washrooms haha.

  Hung's has a ton of different variations of their stirfry: beef, chicken, lamb, cod, shrimp, etc which ranges from $6.50- $7.80! Hung's use to be owned by Cantonese people but they've since changed ownership and the owners are now Taiwanese!

   On an unrelated note, my mom got a killer deal on mooncakes at Crystal Mall yesterday, a box of 4 for only $16! Usually they go for $30+. I had them for breakfast today, and they were actually pretty decent haha! Anyone else feel that mooncakes are completely overpriced?
Lamb Stirfry w/ Rice $6.50
2/5 stars
  The portion size was quite large, with a substantial amount of lamb! The side of rice was also really generous! The lamb was reasonably tender, with a subtle wok hey flavour, but lacked in seasoning. It was also really oily (as you can tell from the picture haha.) But bonus points for the large portion of cabbage on the side, because when you're eating out it can be difficult to get your fill of greens!

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