Hyoga Japanese Cuisine

  There aren't many authentic Japanese restaurants in the Killarney area but Hyoga is one of them! Man, I love when I find hidden gems like this! This place is so easy to miss because it's so small and wedged in between other stores. I really like their hand painted sign though, really unique and definitely gets your attention!

   They have a ton of lunch specials which range from $8.50 - $18! I was originally going to order one of their bentos, but since there wasn't any AC in the restaurant and it was so unbearably hot, I got the cold ramen instead haha!
Cold Ramen $8.50
4/5 stars
This was great! I honestly didn't know what to expect because their speciality isn't ramen but I was pleasantly surprised! The ramen was al dente, toothsome with bite! It came with 2 pieces of chicken, a soft boiled egg and some added veggies on top! This really reminded me of dipping style ramen because the sauce came on the side as opposed to being dressed as a vinaigrette!
Dipping Sauce
4/5 stars
  What really made the ramen was the sauce. It was delicious. The broth starts off with a heavy vinegar flavour, but fades to a robust woody tone. What really impressed me was that the flavours combined beautifully to create a lovely unami flavour.
It also came with some chicken on the side. The chicken, while tender with bits of fat, wasn't seasoned so I had to dip in in the sauce for added flavour.
They also give you some cute jelly beans for dessert haha! I loved the pink jellybean with the dots on it! ;)

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