Milk & Sugar Cafe - $2 Bubble Tea!

   Drinking bubble tea and being a teenage girl go hand in hand. I've been seeing pictures of drinks from Milk & Sugar on Instagram which gave me a huge bubble tea craving hehe, so I just had to go down and check them out! They're located in the Killarney area, just a short bus ride from Joyce or Metrotown! What lured me in was their $2 daily slushie specials! Considering that the slushes from Bubble Queen are now $6.50 (yikes!) $2 is a total steal!
Their specials change on a weekly basis!
(Click to Enlarge!) Here's a look at their menu!

Taro Oreo Cheesecake $2, extra 50 cents for pearls, $4 for large
4/5 stars
   Wow, this was a great combination of flavours! Dare I say quite possibly one of the best slushie combo I've ever tried! If I could create my own bubble tea slush, this would be it. Taro, oreo and cheesecake are just a few of my favourite things, so how could you go wrong combining all 3?! It was actually really sweet, so definitely ask for half sweet if you're not keen on sweet drinks. The slush was super thick, frothy, and creamy! The oreo was very finely grounded and evenly distrubuted throughout the drink. The powered taro flavour was very strong. There was definitely an underlying cheesecake flavour, but it was subtle because the other flavours already dominated most of the drink.

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  1. Glad you liked the Taro Oreo Cheesecake! I've heard weird things about mixing taro and oreo together but happy to hear there's an audience for it. The walls of this place remind me of an old pizza shop haha

    1. I lovee it! Sounds like a strange combo, but it works! Have you tried it? :)
      I agree haha, it is rather reminiscent of an old pizza shop!
      Thanks for reading Hanson! :)


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