Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant - Alexandra Road

    Word around town (or online that is) is that Old Buddies has the biggest wontons in the GVR! I really wanted to see if these suckers were really that ginormous. Located on Alexandra Road "Eat Street" in Richmond, they face some stiff competition, with Max Noodle House (famous for their wonton noodle soup) just down the road. Value wise, Old Buddies wins hands down. The portions at MaxNoodle are so small I could seriously eat 3 bowls of their WNS haha! No really! See my previous review of MaxNoodle here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2014/05/maxnoodle-house-best-wonton-soup.html

 Wonton Lo Mein $7.50
Wontons: 4/5 stars 
Lo Mein: 3/5 stars

   Wow, these wontons were HUGE! Seriously, this picture does not do the size justice. These were the biggest wontons I have ever seen in my life and double the size was regular wontons!

  I got these in the Lo Mein dry noodle version because I prefer to have my soup on the side. The shrimp wontons were filled to the brim with super juicy, snappy, sweet pieces of shrimp, with barely any filler. 

 The lo mein was also well executed as it was cooked al dente, toothsome and texturally pleasing. The portion size was really large and definitely good value for the money!
If you order the lo mein version the wonton soup comes on the side! The soup was actually really salty with a heavy shrimp flavour.
Iced Lemon Tea
2/5 stars
  The hot drinks are $1 each and cold drinks are an additional 50 cents. The tea wasn't too bitter but it wasn't overly sweet either! 
Curry Chicken Rice $8.90
3/5 stars
  This was also HUGE haha and my dad was very pleased. There was a ton of rice at the bottom, and no shortage of chicken. This was definitely a milder curry, void of any spiciness. The sauce was a little too thin and watery. The flavours were more along the lines of an Indian curry as opposed to a coconut based curry. Texturally, the chicken was a bit gummy and not very tender.
Hot HK Milk Tea
3/5 stars
   With his meal my dad got a hot hk milk tea. It was smooth, creamy, and just how you would expect.

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