Paul's Kitchen - Richmond

Pauls Kitchen is a favourite amongst the locals for fast, cheap eats! Pauls Kitchen is a no frills HK cafe located not where you expect: in the parking lot of Superstore beside HK BBQ Master! The menu is straightforward with your basic HK cafe offerings like baked pork chop on rice, macaroni & spam, and a wide variety of other chinese dishes! A meal can be had for as little as under $5!
They have a few utilitarian tables for you to eat in! Every meal comes in a take out box because most likely you're not going to finish the ginormous portions haha! Each meal also comes with a free hot drink or an iced drink for an additional $1!
Baked Pork Chop on Rice
2/5 stars
For the price, this was definitely a great deal. Definitely quantity over quality. The picture doesn't do the size justice, the pork chops were huge, literally the size of two hands!! The pork chops were reasonably tender and juicy but since they hadn't been marinated, they were rather bland and relied on the sauce for flavour. The sauce was predictably tangy, and tomato-ey, nothing special. What I liked was that the rice didn't get soggy from the sauce.

Click to Enlarge! Here's a look at their menu! :)


  1. Paul's is kind of meh IMHO. While their quantities are large, like you said the quality isn't there and for the same money I'd prefer the vendors at Parker Place or Richmond Public Market food courts.

    BUT you didn't go to HK BBQ Master next door ? ...... *that* is where bliss is experienced ! :-)

    1. Yep totally agree haha, Parker Place +the public market is definitely a better option for food on the cheap!

      Hahaa *where bliss is experienced* so true!! I've been to HK BBQ Master twice, I've blogged about it! :) maybe I should do a updated post! Do you like HK BBQ Master better or Parker Place BBQ?

  2. I've only bought from PP two times IIRC, and that was for CNY and Christmas meals at home when HKBBQM was either closed or too busy. They're both good/best, but since at HKBBQM you can sit and eat right away, they are the preferred place for me.

    Having said that, Master Hung BBQ on Garden City @ Blundell is a very very close second as far as the quality of the BBQs go. AND it's a full sit-down restaurant. With air con. Yeah ........ air con :-D

    1. Haha I agree, but the seating area in HK BBQ is way too stuffy haha but its so worth it! ;)
      You can always eat in the parker place food court though if you go to PP bbq!
      I have yet to try Master Hung many restuarants, so little time! ^^ air con makes everything better hehe! The weather has been boiling lately (not that I'm complaining though) ;)


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