T&T Dim Sum

    In high school, I frequented T&T for cheapo dim sum (but I had lower standards back then) so I decided to make a revisit for nostalgia's sake haha! There really are only two options for dim sum in Metrotown: T&T and Fortune House! T&T being the budget-student-on the go friendly option!
That day I went with the former (though I must admit the dim sum at Fortune House is tasty.) You can mix and match different dim sum items, so I went with a shrimp roll, a chive roll, a beancurd roll (I love rolls, can you tell?) and a chestnut cake!

  Those items alone wouldn't suffice as a meal, so I picked up a steamed char siu bun! The char siu bun was actually pretty decent, the bun was moist and soft with a milky flavour, the char siu filling was a good balance of sweet and salty flavours. I would actually consider trying more of their buns now!
Spring Rolls, Bean Curd Roll, Chestnut Cake
3/5 stars
The spring rolls were actually pretty tasty! I would take this over fast food anyday! The spring rolls were crunchy, albeit a little too oily (as expected.) The shrimp filling was moist, flavourful, as was the chive roll. The exterior of the bean curd roll was crispy, and the pork filing was meaty and soft.
Fried Bean Curd Roll
1/5 stars
Wait...another bean curd roll? But this one's different! This one had a vegetable filling with chives in it! The exterior was really crispy, and actually quite pleasant. The filling however, was completely void of any flavour, only exhibiting a strong chive element. 

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