Uncle Lu Taiwanese - Continental Centre

   I go to Continental Centre...alot. Yes, I have a thing for asian malls haha! It's just a hop and skip away, so I go there when I'm too lazy to bike around looking for something to eat. I always tend to gravitate towards Gyo because I love trying new dishes there. A restaurant that I've never paid much attention to is Uncle Lu's.

  Uncle Lu's is similar to Pearl Castle, Bubble World etc, but classier and less catered toward teeny boppers! The clientele here are mainly middle aged - retired haha, no highschoolers to be found here! Uncle Lu's sister store is Corner 23, their napkins even have their logo on them! 
Pork Hocks $8.90
4/5 stars
  Pork Hocks are a weakness of mine. I'm Taiwanese, so naturally, pork hocks are in my blood. At Uncle Lu's, their pork hocks are their signature dish, so I had high expectations. 

  The pork hocks here are meant to be paired with their sauce. I tried the hocks on their own and surely enough, they weren't marinated well enough so the addition of sauce was needed. The sauce is garlicky, spicy, and slightly sweet. The pork hocks were well executed, they were tender, moist, with a palatable layer of fat that rendered each bite satisfying. 
Side Dishes
2/5 stars
  The side dishes were actually pretty decent! The tofu was spongy and flavourful, the cabbage was crunchy, and the cucumbers were dressed with a spicy garlic sauce!

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