Gyoza Bar + Ramen!

  Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wasn't feeling that well and didn't have the energy to type up a blog post! I hope you guys understand! Anyways, I'm glad to be back on the blogging grind after a 1 day hiatus LOL, let's hope there won't be any more disruptions! 

  The day before I went to Gyoza Bar + Ramen, Aburi group's (the same ppl who run Miku & Minami) much anticipated new ramen shop on Pender! Its just a few doors down from Cartems hehe so you can grab a donut for dessert afterwards! ;) They just opened last week so I was expecting a lineup, but when I went half of the restaurant was actually empty! I've been seeing pictures of Gyoza Bar all over instagram which was the reason I went LOL! 

Signature Dishes
  Gyoza Bar is the sister restaurant of Miku and Minami, famous for their aburi style sushi! As the name implies, Gyoza Bar + Ramen specializes in two dishes: gyoza and ramen! They're famous for their "teppan" style gyoza, which is basically gyoza presented on an iron skillet haha. Yes, it's kind of gimmicky, but hey, thats marketing for you! Their ramen noodles are supposedly made in house, which guaranteeds the freshness of their noodles!

Service 4.5/5 stars
    I was really impressed by the service. Walking in, the hostess greeted us with a huge smile on her face! After being seating, they fetched us some water and asked how we were doing. During our meal glasses were refilled and plates were cleared promptly. While we were eating they came around to ask us how we were enjoying our meal!

Ambiance - Casual
  This place is all about the industrial chic look...which is oh so trendy right now ;) Reclaimed wood, cement flooring, light bulb fixtures, pretty much hipster certified LOL. Even though the place is pretty snazzy looking I would still consider it as a quick, casual spot to grab lunch! The tables at the front are really well lit but the lighting in the back is really dim haha. So if you're on a romantic date you should probably sit in the back LOL.

Price - $$
  This place isn't cheap. But you're paying for the "name" sake and the ambiance. The food's good, but in my opinion, not reflective of the price tag. There are definitely way better options for ramen out there.

Value - Okay
  I'm not really sure if I see the value in what we ordered. $17 for a ramen + gyoza combo is pretty pricey imo! Most people don't have that kind of money to shell out for lunch on a daily basis. Based on value alone, I probably won't be making a return visit.

More Info!
622 W Pender St Vancouver, BC 
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Here's their drink menu!

Fraser Valley Pork Teppan Gyoza
3/5 stars
  As their name suggests, gyozas are their signature dish! You can order this separately but I got this in a combo! The small size comes with 7 pieces of gyoza ($8) and the large size comes with 15 ($16.)
 These ones came in a combo + ramen for $17. The gyozas were presented in a cool rounded teppan skillet and garnished with cilantro! The gyozas themselves stick together, so you do have to use your chopsticks to pry each piece off. I'm not sure if their gyozas are hand made or not, but for the price, I hope it is LOL! The skin was really thin, elastic, and chewy in texture. The pork filling was juicy, and tasted fresh. Was it worth the price tag? In my opinion, no. The gyozas by themeselves (without any added sauce) were pretty average, and I've definitely had better. 
Garlic Soy & Unami Soy Sauce
Unami Soy: 4/5 stars
Garlic Soy: 2/5 stars

  My favourite out of the two was definitely the unami soy! It was awesome! It definitely took the plain gyozas to another level! True to its name, the soy had a definite deep, rich unami profile without being overwhelmingly in your face. The garlic soy was alright, as the name suggests, it was very garlicky. I'm not a huge fan of garlic, so I definitely preferred the former option.
Here's a look at the filling of the gyozas! 

Tamari Shoyu Pork Tonkotsu - Small
3/5 stars
  This is their small size and I was still hungry after eating it LOL. The broth was really rich and the pork bone flavour was really potent, without being overwhelmingly salty. As for the noodles, they were cooked medium hard and al dente, but personally I thought the noodles weren't "bouncy" enough. In the end, even though I was satisfied, I still found the entire bowl to be a little underwelming. In comparison to other ramen places in the city, Gyoza Bar falls a little short. I definitely still prefer Santouka or Motomachi.
Char Siu
2/5 stars
The bowl of ramen only had 2 tiny slices of char siu, which was a bit disappointing. It was a little too lean for my liking, but that's all down to personal preference. It wasn't seasoned so it relied on the broth for extra flavour.
Doesn't this look like a pasta making machine? Haha
I really like their bathroom! The decor of this place is so on point LOL! The sinks are gender neutral and the stalls are labelled W/M. 
Hey, remember the creepy bathroom photo I took at Cartems? Here's another one LOL...which happens to be eerily similar! Love the contrast of the red brick to the clean white tiling!
They give you some mint chocolate at the end for dessert! I was actually allergic to this LOL...darn you modified milk ingredients!!

The Verdict
  The food didn't make that much of an impression on me if I'm being honest with you. Yes I enjoyed my meal. Yes the food was tasty. But considering the hype surrounding this place and the price tag, it just didn't live up to my expectations. I do have to commend them for their service though, keep up the great attitude Gyoza Bar!

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  1. Good review ! I've been following other reviews of Gyoza Bar, and I gotta say I'm not feeling wowed by what I read. I'm sure the food is decent to good, but it just seems to me the value proposition isn't there. And it seems to follow the typical Vancouver new restaurant launch trend ..... lots of initial reviews and hype followed by declining quality and sudden increase of prices in subsequent months/years.

    1. Thanks haha! :)
      Yep, this place has definitely be hyped up by the media and online! I was dissapointed since this place looked so promising. I agree, that tends to be the typical trend of restuarant launches in Van.

      Are you going to try it out? Or has all these reviews scared you away? LOL :)

  2. I doubt I'll try, there's nothing there that looks so unique that feels compelling. There's a resto on W. Broadway (few doors down from Peaceful) that does the same pan-fried dumplings with the "crust" (but they make it on a flat top, not in a cast iron skillet). I'm not sure if they're still there anymore, I might do a check and report back.

    1. Oh really? Is it a Japanese restaurant? Let me know the name if you find out! :D

  3. No it's Shanghainese. I haven't been there since 2 years ago, but that block has had construction for a long time and honestly I don't know if that same resto is still there or changed owners. I will go find out.

  4. I believe you are referring to shaolin noodles

  5. Not Shaolin. It was east of Peaceful. It's called Tang Dynasty Noodle House. Short-lived, they're gone now. But the dumplings were fried with the "water skin" at the bottom. I've not seen that done in other Shanghainese restos in town. But it's a common practice done in China.


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