Hapa Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Restaurant

   I want to start off by making a public announcement: this is to all of my filipino/filipinas bros/sistas out there, OPEN MORE RESTAURANTS!! LOL, Vancouver needs more of your glorious food!! Bring your home cooking to the masses! Don't be greedy, share the love!! ;D 

  Yesterday I  randomly came across Hapa Ihaw when I was riding along Victoria Drive! I was originally planning to try out this new ramen place along the drive, but I left when I discovered that the place was chinese owned LOL. It was pretty evident since there was chinese music playing in the background and the menu was in chinese LOL. I'm not being racist here (I'm chinese guys) it's just that, we all know that ramen is better left to the experts!! 

The Menu
  Hapa Ihaw Ihaw specializes in filipino BBQ skewers, but they also have your staple filipino dishes like pancit, crispy pata, lumpia shanghai, and halo halo!! They even make their own house made ice cream!

Here's a look at their menu!

Lunch Specials:
2 pcs skewers + rice +salad $6.50
2 pcs skewers +miki bihon noodles $8
Springrolls _miki bihon noodles $6.50

Lumpia Shanghai Small $3.50, Large $6.50
Lumpiang Gulay (Vegetable spring rolls)
Grilled Small Skewers $3 for 3 skewers

Filipion BBQ Skewers $2.50 per skewer, minimum 2 pieces
Chicken Inasal Skewer
Inihaw Na Pompano/Grilled Pompano $12.50
Inihaw Na Hito/Grilled Catfish $1.40/100g
Iniphaw na pusi/grilled squid $15

Miki Wheat Noodles $10
Bihon Rice Noodles $9
Sotanghon mung bean vermicelli $9

Crispy Pata Small $11, Med $13, Large $15

Pork Bones Sinigang $10
Salmon Head $8

Ensaladang Talong Grilled Eggplant $8

Halo Halo $5
Turon with langkasu Ice Cream $4
Leche Flan $3.25
Sans Rival Cashew Meringue $4

Service 3.5/5 stars
  Service was great! The server was attentive, polite, and made sure I had everything I needed. I was the only person dining in the restaurant at the time, but I'm sure this place is busier on weekends!

Ambiance - Casual
  The decor is simple, with an orange, and dark wood theme throughout. Despite it's small size, the restaurant has ample seating enough for 30! They have pop music playing in the background, and I swear it sounded Spanish LOL which I thought was pretty random!

Price - $
  The lunch specials range from $6.50 - $8.50. Most dishes are in the $10-$15 which isn't bad at all! Their pricing is definitely on par with most filipino restaurants in Vancouver!

Value - Great
  Overall, Hapa Ihaw is great value for the money! The lunch specials are uber affordable, and a la carte dishes are cheap as well! The portion sizes are large, and super filling!

More Info!
5432 Victoria Dr Vancouver, BC 
They have signage on their windows advertising their lunch specials and desserts!

Pancit Bihon & Lumpia Shanghai Combo $6.50

Pancit Bihon: 2/5 stars

  Pancit is the filipino version of stir fried noodles! For $6.50 you get alot of food! The rice noodles were cooked al dente and actually quite wet in texture. I could tell that they used quality ingredients because the veggies tasted really fresh! There were also some fish ball slices in it! They give you lemon on the side to squirt on your pancit. In terms of flavour, the noodles were a bit bland, so I ended up eating it with the fish sauce that they had on the side.
Lumpia Shanghai
3/5 stars
  These were a lot thinner than your traditional spring rolls! The exterior had been fried nicely, and the wrap was super crunchy! The filling was comprised of a juicy pork and carrot filling! Lumpia Shanghai is usually eaten with a sweet chilli sauce on the side!

The Verdict
  Although the lunch specials are great value for the money, I found the food that I had in particular to be a bit lackluster. I've heard that their BBQ skewers are amazingg though, so I'll definitely revisit with my family to try out more of their dishes! Stay tuned for the final verdict! :D

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