International Summer Night Market!!

  Hi guyss! Sorry for getting this up so late, but here it is! I finally found time to make my way to the ISNM last night! It's open till Sept 14, so if you haven't gone yet, you should totally go!

  There actually wasn't that many people, it was way less hectic than the Richmond Night Market! I found alot of the food/stuff to be cheaper too! :D

  Something bizarre that happened was that when I was taking pictures of the stall two teenagers who were also doing the same thing looked at me and said "I wonder if she's one of US!" in Mandarin! LOLOL. One of you? Are you guys food bloggers too? :D

  I ended up getting home at around 2 pm -.- because the skytrain was closed and my mom didn't want to pay money for a taxi so we had to walk from 22ND STREET STATION TO METROTOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Yes, I question her sanity sometimes.

Gua Bao $6
2/5 stars
   I'm Taiwanese so I love guabao,  but this version was a fail. While the bun was springy and soft, the fatty pork itself wasn't marinated so it was really bland. The only flavour came from the sour pickle and cilantro, which was really disappointing. I have to admit the paw imprint was cute though haha!
They also have various sauces for you to dress your squid with! My favourite was probably the sweet smoky BBQ sauce! :)
Fried Squid $7
3/5 stars
   This plate was huge! The batter was well done, it was flaky and super crispy! They fry it for you on the spot so the pieces don't get soggy. It could've used a little more seasoning though, but I guess thats what the sauces are for haha! I found the sauces to taste a tad bit too watered down though. I still prefer Shaka Shaka squid from the RNM.
Lamb Skewers $7
2/5 stars
   The lamb pieces were really juicy and moist, and easy to chew. However, since it wasn't marinated, I found the flavours to be a little flat because the spices weren't evenly distributed so some parts of the meat were bland.
Duck Wrap $2.50
2/5 stars
  This was super flaky and crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. It was filled with veggies and a piece of duck. The duck was really fragrant but lacking in flavour. It mainly relied on the hoisin sauce on top for added flavour.
Garlic Mayo Rotato $4
4/5 stars
This was awesomee!!! It's a crowd favourite for a reason. This is their best flavour imo! It's garlicky, sweet and tangy!They fry it for you on the spot so they're super crunchy, hot and crispy.
Red Bean Fish Pastry $1
3/5 stars
  Wow, I had a total brain fart. I was adjusting my settings and I was like "Why is it so blurry?!" Whyyy didn't I just turn on my flash? -.0 Sorry for the bad photo!
  This was from the same stall and it was only $1! I got the red bean flavour and it was pretty good. The paste was soft and it wasn't too sweet. The outer shell was really crunchy.

Lemonade $2
 4/5 stars
   I got this from one of the bubble tea stands that was having their last call sale so it was only $2! This was actually reallly good! The lemonade was really potent and it didn't taste watered down at all!
Popcorn courtesy of Ford haha!
 3/5 stars
  Wow, this was SALTYYYY. Did they pour an entire bag of salt in this or what? I still enjoyed it though hehe, hey it was free!!
I also got a sample of jerky from a Jerky stall. You can actually purchase their jerky at T&T!

Here's a look at some of the other vendors! Sorry I didn't turn on my fla in some of these pictures, I didn't want to disturb anyone :)

Andd here are some goodies I scored at the nightmarket!
Guys, I'm actually 5 years old ;) I got this Rilakumma purse for $5!!! :D

It's back to school season ya'll! ;)

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  1. LOOOOOOL asian moms, glad you guys made it home alive! Its so disappointing to hear that the International night market didn't have great food either! Every year it seems like the night markets get a ton more expensive and the food quality goes down. That Rilakumma purse is such a steal though, I'm pretty jealous of that!

    1. LOL Ikr asian moms what can you do!! Thanks haha I was actually so scared, it was so dark out!

      I agree, it's disappointing that they're raising the prices but the food quality isn't on par!

      Hehe it was such a steal!! They had a birdie version too! ;)

      Thanks so much for reading! :D

  2. Awww the bun looked so cute! Too bad it didn't taste good...

  3. I know right, I was so disappointed! Nothing worse than cute looking - bad tasting food! :( The imprint was what suckered me in in the first place haha!


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