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  I've been looking forward to a trip to Pinpin's all week! Ever since I first tried filipino food last week, I've been itching to for the opportunity to eat it again!! Word around town is that pinpin is supposedly the "best" filipino restaurant in Vancouver! We went yesterday, on a saturday, and the place was packed! By the time we left there was already a huge lineup congregating outside! 

  We really enjoyed our meal at Pinpin and I'm a huge fan of filipino food now! If you guys have any other restaurant or dish recommendations, leave them for me down below! :D 

Signature Dishes
   Pinpin is known among the filipino community for delicious, authentic versions of filipino favourites like crispy para, lumpai shanghai, bopis and their halo halo! I was impressed with how diverse the menu was! There were so many different dishes to choose from! Being the noob I am, I stuck to the dishes that a reader recommended just to be safe haha!

Service 3/5 stars
    Service was prompt, the waitress took our order, and the dishes arrived in a timely manner. She was quick to fetch us extra plates, and boxes at our request.
  My grandma was particularly impressed by the fact that the waitresses wore hair nets and had their hair slicked back! She was also really pleased with how clean the washrooms were!

Ambiance - Casual
  PinPin is definitely a family oriented restaurant, evident by the fact that most people were dining with their families! Nothing fancy, just wholesome home cooked goodness.

Price - Affordable $
  We were impressed with the prices at PinPin, most of the dishes were around the $10 mark, with more expensive dishes going up to $15. In the end we ending up paying $38 before tips for our meal, which was a total steal in my opinion!

Value - Great
  This place is great value for the money! The portion sizes of all the dishes were all really large and definitely justified the price tag! You can easily order 3 dishes and have enough food for 3-4 people!

More Info!
6113 Fraser St Vancouver, BC 
Closed Mondays

I really like how they give each table their own individual pitcher of water!

Crispy Pata $12.95 for large
4/5 stars
  This dish comes in three sizes, small, medium and large! This is the large size and it was huge! We couldn't finish it and ended up packing a quarter of it home! It was delicious, the skin was super thick, crispy and had a great crunch to it! The skin crackles when you bite into it, similar to BBQ roast pork! It also came with a sweet vinegar dipping sauce! There was a sastisfying amount of palatable fat underneath the skin, which was moist and chewy.
Pork Sisig $11.50
3/5 stars
  This dish was recommended by a reader! You can get the sisig in different versions with tuna, squid,  and milkfish! I was expecting the dish to be stir fried, but it was actually comprised of deep fried pieces of pork! It was definitely unlike anything I've ever had before, the bit sized pieces were super crunchy and fun to eat! It was modestly seasoned in comparison to the other dishes and mostly tasted like oil (but not in a bad way). It came with a lemon on the side, which added an extra "zing" to the dish. The portion size was quite large and we ending up packing half of it home!
Bopis $9.95
4/5 stars
  This was probably the most memorable dish of the meal! I honestly didn't know what to expect, because the description on the menu was pretty vague "Combination of beef heart and lungs in brown sauce." I was pleasantly surprised! The pork lung and heart was chopped up into small pieces in a thick paste. The flavours of the dish were 2 dimensional, it was really heavy on the spices,with a with a strong underlying flavour of wine and vinegar.
Rice hehe!! This was $4.50! I was actually going to get their garlic fried rice, but since the dishes were already pretty salty, I wanted something plain to balance it out!

The Verdict
  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Pinpin and had so much fun trying out all the different dishes! Large portion sizes coupled with affordable pricing makes Pinpin a winner in the value department! I'll definitely be back Pinpin! :D

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