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  My tastebuds have this undying love for Richmond food courts LOL. They give a whole new meaning to the term "food court." Richmond food courts are just on an entirely different level LOL you know what I mean? Richmond has some pretty ah-mazing food courts, but Yaohan is definitely one of my favourites! I actually like it more than Aberdeen! There's less people, there's more of a variety, and everything is cheaper!

  Seoul Express specializes in Korean "homestyle" food, so you're not going to get anything fancy here. They have your staple koreans dishes like bibimpap, japae, bulgogi, naeng myeon etc.

  They're the only non chinese stall in the entire food court! They've been here for ages, I remember seeing them back in Gr.8...6 years ago lol!

  When I was lining up,  everyone was ordering  their bibimpap! I was the only one who didn't order it LOL.

SERVICE 3.5/5 stars
   Yayy Seoul Express is run by real Koreans! Which I wasn't expecting, given that they are in a chinese food court lol!
  After you order, they'll give you a number and call you when your food is ready! The lady running the counter was really nice, she even gave me tea for free even though it wasn't included in my combo! Wayy better service than the other stalls next door LOL!

  I really like the Yaohan food court, there's always somewhere to sit,  and you never have to wait for a table, which is awesome!! The tables are usually clean because everyone uses their trays so nothing gets on the table!
They have plastic displays of some of their dishes!
Naengmyeon Combo $7.90
3.5/5 stars
  This was my first time having naengmyeon so I don't really have anything to compare it to lol...but this was delicious! You have the option to get it soupless or with soup, spicy or non spicy. The soup base is really vinegary, with a hint of chicken. The noodles are buckwheat noodles, super healthy! They were cooked al dente and had a great bounce to them. There was also some shredded cucumbers, radish, and a egg on top! 
3/5 stars
This was actually really great! All of the combos come with 3 side dishes! You can choose between kimchi, bean sprouts, spicy bean sprouts, spicy radish, egg cake, sweet potatoes, or fish cakes! I went with the egg cakes, sweet potatoes, and fish cakes! The fish cakes were full of flavour and really soft! The sweet potatoes were glazed with a sweet syrup, and the outer layer was really crunchy. The egg cake is made out of steamed egg, which makes it really healthy!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
  This place is super affordable! Most of the combos are $7 and they all come with banchan! Sure beats fast food anyday haha! Why have a burger when you can have delicious, healthy, korean food?

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/GREAT
This place is great value! If you were to order the same dishes at a restaurant, it would easily run you $10-15! The portion sizes are really generous, and everything is made to order!

Dolsot Bimbimbap 7.90
Bulgogi combo 7.90
Pork/chicken/squid combo 7.90
Japchae combo 7.90
Kimchi fried rice 7.90
Naeng Myeon 7.90
Sahmgaetang N/A
Dosit Udong 7.90
Yuanyang 7.90

Yaohan food court
No.3 Rd

   Overall Seoul Express offers up delicious Korean home cooking at uber affordable prices! Considering how pricey korean food is in Vancouver, this place is a total steal! Next time you're in the Yaohan food court and you're not in the mood for chinese food, you should definitely check this place out! :D

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