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 Yesterday I made the rare trip out to Main St to visit Hawker's Delight because I had this sudden craving for Malaysian food LOL (blog post about that coming soon!) After lunch I was still hungry so I skipped over to Trafiq across the street for some dessert!! I've been seeing pictures of Trafiq's glorious slices of cake all over my instagram feed LOL so I knew I had to drop in and sample some of their deliciousness for myself! :D
Ahh these all look soo GOOD! I thought it was kind of unsanitary that they had the pastries lying there near the cash register though LOL. 
These pastries thankfully had a sneeze guard! :D

OMG Earl Grey and Lemon Lavender?! Why can't I have a bottomless stomach?!!

Trafiq's signature Chunky Monkey $3.50
3/5 stars
  Wow this was banana all right. They must have put a whole lotta banana in here haha, because the cake wasn't even cake like in texture, it was the texture of bananas!! So it was like eating a sweet chocolately banana LOL! One thing I found weird was that half of the cake had flavour and the other half didn't, so there's definitely a consistency issue here. Other than that, the cake was super moist, soft, and just the right amount of perfect sweetness! 
Trafiq Berry Iced Tea $3.20
4/5 stars
  This was like eating fresh raspberries! It was super refreshing and tasted really fresh! If you eat in they serve it in a tall Ikea like glass LOL. They used green tea, but you can't really taste the tea because the berry flavour overwhelms it. I was really happy that the tea was unsweetened, because I felt less guilty eating the cake haha!!

A reader @LotusRapper, suggested that I put my "overview" near the bottom of my review! Let me know how you like the new positioning! :)

SERVICE 4/5 stars
  The ladies working here are super nice! When I was ordering at the counter the lady was smiling the whole time! After you pay they bring the food/drink straight to your table!

  This place is so cute! They have this french countryside theme going on haha! I love their chairs, they're super comfy to sit in! They have individual round tables at the back and 2 long communal tables at the front! There's soft music playing in the background which is really relaxing to listen to while you're having your coffee!

PRICE - $$/$$$
  Most of their pastries are in the $3-5 range, which isn't too bad for a higher end cafe/pastry shop like this one! Sandwiches can get pricier though, ranging from $6-9! You can take a look at their menu below!

VALUE - Poor/Okay/GOOD/Great
Everything tastes really fresh and well made. You get what you pay for! You can definitely tell they use quality ingredients and that everything is made with care! For the money, the cake slices and pastries are quite large, so the value's definitely there!

 Trafiq is a french cafe/bakery specializing in baked goods, sandwiches, and cakes! Their signature menu item is their Chunky Monkey banana bread!

Here's a sample of their menu:

Bbrie L T 8.65
Breakfast Sandwich 6.50
Black Forest Ham & Swiss Croissant 7.55
Dragged Through the Garden 8.15
Adult Grilled Cheese 8.55
California Club on Cran Pecan Sourdough

You can also build your own sandwich for 8.65!
You can choose your bread: Grain/Nuts, sourdough,butter croissant, cranberry pecan, gf baguette, whole wheat ficelle

Spread: guacamole, hummus, spicy sundried toms, black bean dip, chipotle mayo, dijon mustard

Protein: roasted chicken, black forest ham, smoked bacon, egg souffle

Cheese: swiss, double cream brie, herb cream cheese, aged cheddar, mozaerella.

Toppings: cucumbers, lettus, pickles, red bells, sprouts, coleslaw, tomato

Soup & Quiche
Soup of the day 7.05
Selection of daily soup: 6.50

Classic Chicken Caesar 9.95
House salad 8.35

The Traditional 6.50
Breakfast Quesadilla 7.30
Chicken quesadilla 7.90

Cold Drinks
Iced Americano 3.15
Iced or frappe latte 4.45
iced or Frappe Mocha 5.00
Berry Iced Tea 3.20
Cucumber lemonade 3.20

Hot Drinks
Drip Coffee 16 oz 2.60
Espresso 2.60
Americano 3.15
Latte 4.45
Cappuccino 4.45
Tea 3.20
Chai Latte 4.45
London Fog 4.45
Steamed Milk 3.20

4216 Main St Vancouver, BC 
Overall, yummy pastries and drinks makes Trafiq totally date worthy!! It's also a great place to study because there's plenty of table real estate so you can lay out your books on the table without taking up too much room (thats what I did lol.) I'll definitely be back!

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  2. You make a really good point! I might consider changing it back, because I was thinking the same thing haha! We'll see, but thanks for the input!! Have a great day!! :D


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