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  Remember I told you guys I was craving burgers yesterday? Welll, today I made the trip out to burger heaven to sastisfy that craving tehe! Burger Heaven is located in New West, and they're known for their specialty burgers, their thick cut fries, and their mile high burger (which consists of 10 patties stacked on top of each other)! After my food came the guy beside me looked at me and said "You sure you can finish that by yourself?" LOL! Guess he was pretty impressed when I did, and he told me to take a picture of my empty plate haha!

Note: Today I'm not going to be writing my "overview" section because I'm studying for midterms LOL. But after my exams are over on Weds, everything will be back to normal! :)

Elk Burger Combo $16
3/5 stars
  I was originally going to order their basic #1 burger, but I decided against it because I thought it would be too boring LOL!! I am at a place called burger heaven after all, I might as well order something weird! So I decided to get a burger off their specialty menu, their elk burger! 
  The burger patty was moist, and really thick haha. The sauteed mushrooms packed a ton of flavour, a myraid of sweet, salty, and savoury coming together. The cheese was perfectly melted and covered the entire patty. The bacon pieces were crispy, and not too oily (albeit really salty.) Was this worth the $17 that I paid? Imo, no lol. It was good, but not $17 good lol!
Fries 3.5/5 stars 
Salad 3/5 stars
  The fries were awesome! Thick cut, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, very potatoey. I ended up dipping it in the salad dressing it came with haha! The salad dressing was delish: tangy, sweet, and garlicky! I was happy that my burger came with a side of salad haha, to balance out the meat!

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  1. I was a somewhat regular at BH in the early '90s. I recall when many of their burgers were in the $8-10 range which even at the time felt expensive. But they were good !!! They also do a provincial/federal election special menu where certain select burgers are named after the political parties in the races and at the end they publish their own un-official election results. It's a fun tradition and I really like restaurants (and their owners) who are lighthearted and make their business fun for everyone:



    Maybe I'll go there next month when the civic elections take place :-D

  2. LOL wow thats so clever of them to capitalize on the elections!! Looks like so much fun!! haha $10 for a burger would be considered really pricey back then eh?
    What's your favourite burger here? :)

  3. My fave was the lamb burger, but I don't recall if they've always had that. The last couple of times I was there (late '90s/early '00s ???) I had the lamb burger.

    PS: what happened to the little Urbanspoon frame (with the restaurant info and link) at the bottom of each of your review ?

  4. I don't think I saw the lamb burger on the menu when I went haha! Sounds good though! :D

    oh haha, I'll add it now, sometimes I'm busy so I add it when I get home! :)


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