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  Sooo yesterday I got food poisoning...from eating a bowl of leftover rice LOL!! I was like "welll, can't let this go to waste!" LOL and now I am rueing that fact as I sit on the toilet...CONSTIPATED lmao. I'm still not feeling well today so I haven't gone out for 2 days straight! :(  But thankfully I have backup posts LOL, blogging stops for no one haha!

  I was walking around Landsdowne and I had this sudden craving for bubble tea (okay, that's a lie, I ALWAYS crave boba LOL!) I'm pretty sure that Fair Bee is the only Bubble Tea place in Landsdowne. They're located in a more obscure corner of the mall so you really have to walk around and look for it!

Andd guess what guys? One of my pictures is featured on Urbanspoon's "Diner Photos of the Week" on their blog! You can check out the article here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/blog/2014/10/diner-photos-week-october-2-8/ :D  I'm the first photo you see!

   Fair Bee specializes in bubble tea and fresh fruit smoothies!! They have an endless amount of options to choose from! Another thing notable about Fair Bee is that they have small pearls, in addition to the standard larger ones! They even have a "knockoff" of Bubble Queen's ferroro rocher slush LOL!

  Like most bubble tea places, you can customize your order with half sweet/less sweet/extra sweet, no ice/ice etc!

SERVICE 2/5 stars
   There was only one person in the shop. A girl about my age took my order (she wasn't very friendly) and started making my drink after I had paid. She was really quick though and I got my drink 3 mins later!

  There's no seating, so it's basically a to-go type of place. Most people probably walk around the mall sipping on their boba LOL! They also sell little nicknacks and different types of tea!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   The prices are pretty typical of a bubble tea place, which basic drinks starting at $2.99! The smoothies are around $4-5, and the speciality drinks are around $5+, which is pretty standard.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    I like how they use real fruit juices for their smoothies and that everything is made fresh. They have a few different sized drinks but your best bet would probably be to go with their regular/large size for better value.
Click to Enlarge to see their menu!! :D
Caramel Bubble Tea $3.50
2/5 stars
  Yep, this was caramel all right! This had a really strong, liquid caramel flavour, which was a bit too sweet, imo. It was pretty obvious that the base was made out of an artificial milk powder, you can tell just by looking at the drink, plus it tasted pretty artificial. I decided to get small pearls since I was still pretty full from lunch LOL! The pearls were chewy and soft, and just the right consistency.

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