Moon HK Cafe - Fraser St.

  Yesterday I was up bright and early was 10:30 and no restaurants were open yet! My only options? Mcdonalds HK cafe!! I have nothing against mcdonalds but hey, HK cafes are just so much better!! So I headed to Fraser St for an early lunch!

 Moon has all of your staple HK cafe style dishes like baked pork chop on rice, condensed milk toast, congee, set meals and then some! Their signature dishes are their sizzling plate combos (which I ordered) and their curry beef brisket!

Note: the portion sizes here are quite large, especially the noodle/rice dishes (with the exception of the congee), so if you have a smaller appetite you should definitely share with someone! Most of the people I observed didn't end up finishing their food, but I did hehe!

SERVICE 2/5 stars
   Service was alright. The young waitress did her job. She didn't smile and she actually seemed kind of impatient when I was ordering. She didn't thank me when I was paying either. However, the owner was really nice! Since I had so much food and I was sitting at a small stable she helped me move to a larger table!

  Moon looks like your typical HK cafe. Basic tables and chairs with dark wood throughout and booth seating along the walls. The front counter is styled like a cottage LOL, similar to Leisure tea&coffee!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   Most of the lunch dishes are under $10, with breakfast starting at only $5! All of the combos come with a free hot drink! Their sizzling meat plate combos, compared to other HK cafes, is fairly cheap at only $13.50 (with sides!)

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
     This place is pretty good value for the money! For the price, I got quite a lot of food, and in theory, could have fed 2 people lol! Everything tasted fresh, and I liked how the fries were freshly made from real potatoes haha!
Iced Lemon Tea - Extra 50 cents
4/5 stars
 Like most HK Cafes, a hot drink comes with your meal and it costs an extra 50 cents to upgrade to iced! I liked Moon's version, the tea was potent without being too bitter, and it was the perfect level of sweetness! I didn't finish it and they gave me a plastic to go cup so I could take my drink with me!
2 Item meat combo w/ soup, garlic bread, rice, fries, drink for only $13.50!!

Baked Prawn with Garlic: 2.5/5 stars
Ox Tongue: 2/5 stars
Fries 3.5/5 stars

  Wow, this was quite the deal! Sure, the food wasn't particularly delicious by any means, but the portion size kind of made up for it lol! Everything was pretty standard, but still good nonetheless! The combo came with 2 large pieces of prawn and 3 pieces of ox tongue! The ox tongue was properly cooked but it wasn't seasoned whatsoever so I had to use the sauce to give it some extra flavour. The prawn was stuffed with cheese and glazed with a garlic sauce! The prawn was moist, and heavy on the butter.
  I was surprised how much I liked the fries! They're not frozen or prepackaged, they're actually made in house from fresh potatoes so they had a ton of potatoe-y flavour! They were also seasoned with a yummy blend of chilli pepper, and salt!
Black Pepper Sauce
1/5 stars
  Wasn't a fan of this! It tasted really watered down, and wasn't very impactful in terms of flavour. Even with the copious amounts of pepper, the flavours still fell flat. The container did keep the sauce warm for a long time though!
Chinese style Russian Borscht Soup
1.5/5 stars
  This was basically just vegetable soup in a watery, tomato sauce haha! The soup was really sour, but it didn't taste like canned tomato, which is a plus haha!
Garlic Bread
2/5 stars
  This chunk of bread was huge!! lol no really, this picture doesn't due the size justice! It was coated with lots of garlic and glazed with oil. It was lightly toasted and the bread was really soft without being dense!
So I actually ended up with 3 carb-y dishes LOL!! The garlic bread, fries, and this! But I managed to finish it ALL!!! harharhar ;)

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  1. Omg so much food!

  2. The previous incarnation of Moon Cafe (I forget the name now) was better. After the change, I assumed Moon was of the same owner & staff (and food quality) so I went back for a lunch. Nope, Moon was not as good, and I haven't returned since.

  3. @Pinkmarshmellows
    I know right LOL! There was so much food on the table people were staring at me haha! Good thing I was hungry, or else I wouldn't have been able to finish it! :)

    That sucks haha. I have to agree though, the food quality wasn't that great, and the food itself was average. Have you tried Angel HK Cafe down the street?

  4. You actually finished ALL of that ?!?

    Been to Angel once, despite the frequent lineups. I only went because their name is coincidentally same as my Chinese given name, LOL. IIRC I had a curry beef brisket on rice ..... it was ok but I like Mui Garden's, i-Cafe's or Hoy's better.

  5. LOOL hehe I did!! I was super hungry since I didn't eat breakfast that day! It went at around 11 ish so it was technically brunch! :D

    Oh that's really cool that they have the same name haha! I might go there this week, just to scope the place out LOL! I agree, so far Mui Garden's curry is still my fav!! :D


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