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 Last week on Tuesday my mom treated us to dinner at Nando's after an incident of me fainting in the school parking lot because I accidentally ate a bar with nuts in it LOL. I couldn't breathe and I was rushed to the Vancouver General Hospital where I stayed for 5 hours...yup, fun times. My mom felt so bad for me that she took me out for dinner afterwards haha. 

  Sorry if I sound *tired* (is it possible to sound tired over the internet?) in this post haha, it's midterm season and I'm currently under a lot of stress to get 'em As LOL! And midterm season is followed by essay season...then finals...GAH!! Why can't I be done with school already? :(

  Nando's specializes in Portguese flame grilled chicken! They're famous for their periperi hot sauce, and periperi fries! They even have their own stall in the Metrotown food court (which I haven't tried lol.)

SERVICE 3.5/5 stars
   After entering we were immediately greeted and seated. Our waitress was polite, fetched us water, utensils and answered our questions about the levels of perperi sauce LOL since I'm a total noob. After ordering it only took about 10 mins for the food to arrive!

  Nando's is medium sized, and can accommodate about 50 or so people. They have long communal bar tables near the doors, and booth/sofa seating in the back. The lighting in here was so weird and it was really difficult to take photos LOL, I had to keep fidgeting with my settings!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
  Nando's pricing is pretty typical of a restaurant of this calibre, with meals ranging from $9-$20. Side orders are around $5 which isn't too bad.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
   We ending up paying about $15 for our meal, which wasn't really worth the amount of food we got imo. We had ordered "half a chicken" but what we got sure didn't look like half a chicken! We even asked, and the waitress assured us that it was half a chicken. In the end, even though we were full, we just didn't feel like it was worth the money.

They have different variations of their periperi sauce on the side! Medium, hot, and hot hot!!
Peri Peri Fries
4/5 stars
  I really liked these! They were sprinkled with their peri peri powder, which is a mixture of salt, cayenne pepper and chilli pepper! The fries came out hot and were perfectly crispy and charred at the edges, just how I like 'em! This amount was enough for 2 people!
Peri Peri Chicken
3/5 stars
  You can choose how spicy you want your chicken and I went with mild. This was indeed mild, only exhibiting a subtle spicy flavour. The chicken was slathered in a tangy lemony sauce, which coated the chicken evenly. The chicken was really lean and bland on the inside. Nothing a little sauce can't fix though!
3/5 stars
  The portion size looks small, but I couldn't finish it! The rice was fragrant, fluffy, and dosed with spices. It was subtly spicy, spicier than the chicken!

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  1. Wow that's expensive for what you got. Maybe those chickens are small to begin with :-(

    IMHO think that's a $7 meal, definitely nothing > $10 !

  2. I know right...I was so disappointed by the size, I was expecting something much bigger since it said "half a chicken" on the menu! Oh well! Have you tried Nando's? :)

  3. I have twice, years ago. Neither time did I feel impressed (and prices were lower back then).


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