Northern Meixi - Crystal Mall Food Court

The funniest thing happened yesterday while I riding the bus! The guy sitting beside me was reading Vancity Noms on his phone LOL!! I was soo tempted to tell him "Hayyy, that's my blog!!" LOL, but I was too shyyy. I'm really shy in person, believe it or not! I don't talk to alot of people and I actually don't have that many friends haha! I knowww, I'm such a loner ;)

  Anyways, I went to Crystal Mall afterschool and the place was packed!! I had trouble finding a seat but I managed to score a bar table in the centre of the food court (my go to spot haha!) I've tried pretty much every single stall in the Crystal Mall food court, and I've been eyeing Northern Mexi Fast food for a while now!

    Northern Mexi is a stall in the Crystal Mall food court that specializes in food from Northern China! Their signature dishes are their handmade noodles, Chinese crepes, and xlb! I see alot of people ordering their chinese crepes, so that's what I got!

SERVICE 3/5 stars
   The lady working there was helpful with explaining the ingredients that go in the crepe to me in Mandarin! When I went back to ask for an extra plate, they gave me one without charging extra haha! Usually food courts charge you 25 cents for extra utensils or plates!

  It's the Crystal Mall court LOL. It's hectic, loud, stuffy, and not very pleasant. But I'm willing to bear through the pain for delicious FOOD...lmao!! Make sure you secure a seat before ordering or else you're going to find yourself standing there with a plate of food with nowhere to sit!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   The noodles dishes are priced from a reasonable $7-9, which is pretty typical of a food court. A plain crepe starts at $3.50, and additional ingredients cost extra.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    From what I ordered, this place is pretty decent value! For $5, I left full and satisfied! 

Chinese Crepe $5
3.5/5 stars

  I was expecting this to be snack sized, but turns out it was huge! They definitely didn't skimp on the meat, this was jam packed with tender, flavourful chunks of beef brisket! The crepe itself is really thin and made out of egg! They glaze a spicy sauce on the inside of the crepe which adds alot of extra flavour. You also have the option to get pork or chinese sausages instead of beef!There were 4 pieces of chinese donut, which were soft and not oily at all! Overall this made for a really filling meal, not bad for $5!
  One thing I find that tends to happen with chinese crepes is that they get soggy reallyy quickly due to the filling, but that's pretty much inevitable!
Jam packed with good stuff! :D

Real Taro Milk Slush from Happy Ice House! $4.90
4/5 stars

  Whenever I go to Crystal Mall the first thing I notice is that everyone, and I mean everyonee, has a drink/slush/bubble tea with their meal LOL! So I decided to join in on the fun and I got a taro milk slush from Happy Ice House (the stall beside the escalators!) I saw them put an entire taro in this with fresh milk! The drink was super thick and had a smoothie like consistency, really a meal in it of itself LOL! I don't think they added any sugar because all I could really taste was the natural sweetness of the taro, which was awesome!!

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