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  Sooo guess what happened yesterday guys?! I FAILED MY DRIVERS TEST. Yes. I failed. I KNEW I was done when the guy put down his clipboard and just continued watching me drive LOL. He actually had to take control of the steering wheel at one point when I was trying to make a right turn at an intersection, but halfway the green turn signal turned red LOL...I knowww, I'm such a fail. Wahhh, I waited 3 months for this test (I booked it in August) and I blew.It. My dad got mad at me because now we'll have to waste more money on the test fees LOL! 
  Anyways...I went to Taco Luis after my driving test at Landsdowne to cheer myself up haha...food makes everything better, right? No really, I felt better after eating LOL!!

    Taco Luis specializes in...tacos LOL! What else? They're famous around town for their yummy tacos made with fresh ingredients, at super low prices! They actually have two locations, one in Oakridge Mall, and this one, in Landsdowne!

SERVICE 1/5 stars
   Service here is...meh. Really meh. I guess business is so good that they don't bother being nice to their customers lol. When I went to order the guy looked impatient and he (jokingly) mocked me when I was going "Uhh..." LOL. The other two girls working there looked bored, and didn't smile or thank me when I paid.

  When I went back to ask for a take out box, I said "Can I have a box please?" the lady slanted her eyes and said "You mean a...container?" The way she said it and her tone of voice, just really threw me off, like she was trying to correct me, and looked really annoyed that I was asking for something extra.

  I also couldn't locate the straws because the counter was pretty cluttered, and when I asked, the girl just half pointed at the straws with a dull expression on her face.

  On the plus side, I do have to commend them for being so quick with the orders though, it only took 2 mins to get my food!

  It's a food court, nothing much else to say lol. The landsdowne foodcourt is really showing its age, the tables and neon signs look pretty dated. One thing I do like about their foodcourt is there's always seats available, so you're not stuck with a plate of food with nowhere to sit!

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   Taco Luis is as cheap as it gets haha! A 12 inch burrito combo can be had for as little as $8, a single taco for $2-3! Talk about a deal! Taco Luis does a great job of filling you up on minimal change lol.

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
   In comparison to the other taco joints in Van, this place is a great deal! However...authenticity definitely isn't the main draw here, Taco Luis is "Mexican fast food" and not the real deal. But you don't really expect that here anyways, and I'm okay with that lol.
Super 10 - Taquito Meal $5.85
 Tater Tots 4/5 stars
  The tater tots here are solid...really solid. I would come back just for the tator tots lol! Compared to Taco Time's (another "Mexican" food vendor) these are leagues better!! They're super crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, crunchy, and never soggy. They definitely have their frying technique down because these things have zero oil on them!
Beef Taquito
 3/5 stars
  I didn't think I was going to get full on the taquitos, but I did haha! These things were pretty long, about 20 cm each. The outer layer is thin and super crunchy, and like their tators, not oily at all! The inside is filled with a moist, subtly spicy beef filling. Yummy and really satisfying!

Something you guys may not know about me is that sprite/7up is the only kind of pop I drink LOL! I'm not a big fan of coke or pepsi haha!

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  1. Sorry to hear about not passing the drivers test :-/

    Never been to the Lansdowne Taco Luis, but the one at Oakridge provides fast attentive service without any snarkiness (from my experience there). The owner of that franchise is from Taiwan and he's a pretty outgoing friendly dude. I've heard some of their other staff speak Mandarin too. Yeah TL is far from authentic but they are a "treat" to me and a welcomed option from the typical food court options (Burger King/A&W, slimy MSG'd Chinese, teppanyaki, KFC, Tim Hortons, pizza, NY fries). Plus, TL has self-serve salsa which, while on the thin side, is ok, especially for the tater tots ..... ooops I meant Mexi Fries).

    1. Haha thanks...guess I'll just have to try again lol!
      Oh that's awesome that they're owned by Taiwanese people haha! Maybe I'll go and try it next time I'm near Oakridge!
      I agree, Taco Luis is soo much better than your usual food court fare haha! One of the best non asian food court vendors imo! :)
      Have you tried the xinjiang stall R&H in the Landsdowne foodcourt? They have xlb and cumin lamb burgers!! Next on my list hehe :D

  2. I've heard of R&H in Lansdowne Mall. But I rarely ever go to that mall, and if I do it's to either Future Shop or Winners/Homesense. R&H also sells RJM (rou jia mo) and it was referenced in my Chowhound question thread here:


    Fernando has a good write-up here:


    Talk about burgers, talk about Chinese burgers ! :-D

  3. awww too bad you didn't pass =( I failed my class 7 before but my class 5 was really easy lol and I also love their tater tots!

  4. @LotusRapper

    Mmm rou jia mo!! Omg next time I'm near Landsdowne I'll have to try it! Sorry for the late reply btw ~ haha

    lol aw thanks anyways! you're so lucky that you passed your class 5 on your first try haha!
    Ikr, Taco Luis has the best food court tater tots ever!! :D

  5. Hi guys talking about me? taco luis.
    I will do my best for you guys.
    thanks a lot

  6. Hey Taco Luis guy!! Yes, we were referring to you LOL! Keep up the great work, we love your food!! ;)


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