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  My constipation still hasn't gone away LOL! It's been 4 days!! For some odd reason I've been having an intense craving for burgers lately, but since my stomach hasn't fully recovered yet, I decided against going for greasy fast food LOL, and opted for pho instead! 

  Thai Son is a local favourite and it's usually packed during lunch hours! They have a couple locations throughout Van, the only other location I've been to is their Richmond location, which is alot larger haha.

  Note: These two days I'm not going to be writing my "overview" section because I'm studying for midterms LOL. But after my exams are over on Weds, everything will be back to normal! :)
Special Dry Pork Noodle $8.50 for large
2.5/5 stars
  I wanted to deviate from my usual order of the #1 Pho or lemongrass chicken, so I opted for something I've never tried off the menu, the special dry pork noodle! Not going to lie, I was disappointed. This was basically just soupless pho dosed with hoisin sauce. Not very impressive. I was expecting a "special" sauce lol, but I guess I was wrong! It was garnished with generous amounts of beef and ox tongue. The beef was thinly sliced but a bit too lean and dry for my liking. It also came with a heavily battered fried shrimp ball on the side. On the flip side, the noodles were al dente and there was plenty of it, so in the end, I was full.
Here's a closeup of the noodles!

Egg Yolk, Condensed Milk Sprite!
2.5/5 stars
  This combination may sound gross, but it's actually a vietnamese speciality! They have this drink at most Vietnamese restaurants but it was my first time trying it! The dominate flavour here was definitely the sprite and the condensed milk. The milk made the drink really creamy, and the sprite made it extra frothy! It was pretty sweet overall but I couldn't really taste any egg LOL.
They also serve you some blanched veggies on the side and the soup for the pho seperately!

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