The Boss HK Cafe - Metrotown

  Yesterday I had a dentist's appointment at Metrotown, and didn't want to venture too far for food! I go to Omega Dental btw LOL, beside T&T! So what were my only options? T&T, or the food court hahaha. Not really in the mood for either, I decided to go to the Boss instead for some HK Cafe food! Even though I lived in the Metrotown area for 7 years, I've never eaten at the Boss LOL! I've been to the Chinatown location though, and let me tell ya, that one is SO much better!! They have a bakery up front, but this one doesn't! 

  We actually had to wait in line for 10 mins, that's how popular this place is! We were given and a number, and had to wait outside. The turnover rate is pretty quick though, it's mainly filled with mall goers looking for a quick meal!
Dinner Roll + Soup $1.50
 4/5 stars
  This was actually really good LOL! Or maybe I was just really hungry! The bread they give you at this location is white bread, which is served warm! The chinatown location gives you whole wheat bread, and it's cold haha. The bread was super fluffy, soft, and not dense at all! The bread was really warm and soft, there's nothing better than warm bread! Total comfort food LOL!
Singapore Fried Vermicelli $8.50
 2.5/5 stars
  This was on the first page of the menu, in the specials section! The portion size was quite large and pretty filling! There was a mild curry flavour, and had some good wok hey going on. The noodles were cooked  al dente and didn't clump together, which was appreciated. There was a good amount of lean char siu piecs in there, as well as some carrots and peppers!
Mushroom Chicken Soup
3/5 stars
  I've had the same soup at their chinatown location, and I found this version to be starchier, and clumpier. There was a heavy chicken flavour and an underlying mushroom flavour. There was a substantial amount of chicken in it too!
HK Milk Tea
3/5 stars
  The first thing I noticed was that they use the same cups as Deer Garden LOL! These types of mugs keep the drink hot for a long time! The milk tea was smooth, not too bitter, and really creamy. Pretty standard, nothing too exciting!

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