The Hide Out Cafe

  I've been trying to eat healthier as of late. "How's that going for ya Selina?" Not so well LOL. Yes, health food can be delicious, but it really limits your options, especially when you're a food blogger LOL. Nobody wants to read about quinoa and kale all the time haha (though I could happily live off that stuff!)

   I reallyy wanted some pizza yesterday LOL but since I am trying to be healthier haha, I decided against it! Plus I still feel constipated from the poutine I had at the Spud Shack a few days ago hahaha. Yes, I'm easily constipated LOL!

  Since I've been on a New West binge lately haha (as you can tell from my posts) I decided to check out this cute local cafe called the Hide Out! According to Mijune (FollowmeFoodie), this place has the best wraps in the entire city! I love Mijune, and I love wraps, so obviously I had to try this place out lol! It's just a short 2 min walk from the skytrain station, which makes it super convenient for me, since I ride the skytrain everyday lol (such is the life of a student.)

Mango Chicken Wrap $11 Combo
Wrap 3.5/5 stars
Salad 3/5 stars

  This counts as eating healthy right? LOL! The salad didn't have any dressing on it, so that counts for something right? The wrap was seriously huge though!! Gigantic, and stuffed to the brim with good stuff. Good thing I only ordered half lol! The mango Chicken wrap was stuffed with mango, lean pieces of chicken, feta cheese, and spinach! It was rather mushy but very well flavoured. I liked how they grilled the wrap so it was warm on the inside. The salad was basic, topped with some cheese, and salt. You also have the option to get their soup of the day as a side instead of a salad!

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