The Hub Restaurant - New West Skytrain

  Soo lately I've been really into exploring New Westminster's just somewhere I haven't really gotten the chance to scope out, and I've just now discovered that there's actually a ton of awesome restaurants in New West! I've been slowly eating my way through every restaurant on the new west skytrain platform, I still have a few on my list: the Spud Shack (I've heard their poutine is ah-mazing!!) , Pizza Garden, Togo Sushi, Extreme Pita, and Inn Noodle House!

  Sorry if I sound tired in this post and not as "peppy" as I usually am LOL...that's because I'm really burned out from school haha! Essay writing does that to you! DARN YOU ESSAYS!!! 

  For a restaurant located on a skytrain platform, The Hub is actually pretty nice LOL! It's really large inside and overlooks the water! Since there weren't that many people, I was seated at a large booth table and I had the couch all to ma self hehe!

 Peppercorn Burger $15
3/5 stars
  This was decent burger, but really not worth $15! I definitely wasn't thinking properly when I ordered this because I didn't even want a burger at the time I'm not sure how that happened haha. The burger also came with two onion rings which were nicely battered and crunchy! The entire patty is covered with peppercorn which added alot of extra flavour. The buns were glazed with a pesto sauce which added another dimension of flavour which made the burger more enjoyable. The patty was reasonably tender, albeit a bit a dry.
  Just I the only person who eats burgers with a knife and fork? LOL!! It's just cleaner that way haha, I'm a really messy eater, so it would impossible to eat with my hands without getting food all over my face!

Yam Fries $2
4/5 stars
  These yam fries were solid, really solid! Definitely the highlight of my meal! Every sandwich/burger combo comes with free fries or salad, but you also have the option to swap it out for yam fries, onion rings, or poutine! I tried to be semi healthy and I got the yam fries LOL! These were awesome: crispy, not soggy, with just the right amount of seasoning! The fries also came with a side of chipotle mayo!

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