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  As a kid growing up in Van, the skytrain was an all too daily occurrence in my life LOL. Back then, the only food you could get near transit was a greasy ol' slice of pizza, a limpy old salad (gross) or a messy cold cut ham sandwich from the local coffee shop. Enter the 2011 (or was it 2012?) gentrification of the New West skytrain station, mediocre skytrain food is a thing of the past! Spud Shack is the first restaurant you see when you get off of the skytrain, it's tiny, and easy to miss! If you don't transit regularly you probably don't even know that this place exists LOL. The Spud Shack is famous for their delicious, hearty, pub food, and *supposedly* makes the best poutine in New West!

Btw, if you drive you can park downstairs in the safeway parking lot LOL! Or you can just take the skytrain ;)

Spud Shack's is famous for their poutine and their frites! Their fries, or Belgian frites as they call it, are made fresh daily in house! They also have a ton of awesome dipping sauces that you can order separately for dipping! The Spud also has a extensive drink menu that goes perfectly with their food!

SERVICE 2/5 stars
   There's no table service at the Spud Shack because it's a two person operation! You order and pay at the front counter, and when the food is ready, they'll call out your order! I got my food fairly quickly, at the same time, about 10 mins after I had ordered!

  The Spud Shack is fairly small, with only 8 tables or so tables! The interior is made out of rustic wood, with bold red chairs, and mirrors lining the walls.

PRICE - $/$$/$$$
   The Spud Shack is relatively affordable with frites starting at $2.50, and the poutines start at $5 for a small! The sandwiches and burgers are pricier at $12+, but all the sandwiches come with side of frites, which is awesome, so you don't have to order it separately!

VALUE - Poor/Okay/Good/Great
    For the price, the portion sizes are huge, and you definitely get what you pay for! Fresh, quality ingredients, made with care! The fries in particular tasted really fresh and so did the salad!

Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine - Medium $11
Fries 4/5 stars
Smoked Meat: 2/5 stars

  Woww, this plate was huge LOL! If this is the medium, what does the large look like? -.0
After finishing this, and the salad, I was stuffeddd! I probably should have ordered the small LOL! The frites themselves were well executed: crispy, charred at the edges, and perfectly crispy. The gravy was mild in flavour, and not too thick as to make the fries soggy. The smoked meat however, fell short. The meat was practically flavourless and relied on the gravy for added flavour. Where was the smokiness? Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Aurgula Salad - Small $6
3/5 stars
  This was even larger than the poutine LOL! For a small, this was huge! I wasn't expecting it to be this big LOL or else I wouldn't have ordered it. The veggies were delightfully fresh, and garnished with a healthy amount of feta cheese, crushed almonds, croutons, red fennel, onions, bacon, sausage and orange! Texturally on point. The flavours contrasted with each other and made for a yummy blend of sweet and savoury flavours. After polishing off the poutine + the salad, I was so full I ended up skipping dinner LOL!

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