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  I never use to be a sandwich type person LOL! But lately, I've been really into carbs. There's just something about that chewiness that's SO comforting lol! Well, I decided to kill my bread craving with a visit to Bon Cafe for some bahn mi!

  With the ever so popular Au Petite Cafe just a few doors down, you'd think that Bon wouldn't survive! But Bon does, and after a meal here, I can see why! So the next time you don't want to wait in line at Au Petite, come here instead haha! The food's well made, large portioned, and pretty tasty! Don't hate me for this haha, but I actually prefer Bon's Banh Mi over Au Petite's! I'll definitely come back to try more of their food hehe!

  I've heard that their pho is pretty solid, and that they use real pork bone for their soup base, and from what I observed, that was what most people were ordering!

Grilled Pork Bahn Mi $6.50 Combo
4/5 stars
  This was really yummy! Is it wrong that I actually like this better than Au Petite's Meatball Bahn Mi? lol! The pork was lightly charred and flavourful, but what really made the sandwich was the sweet mayo/hoisin sauce! The bread was lightly toasted and really crunchy, and there was not shortage of veggies!

Spring Roll
4/5 stars
  These were great as well! I like "bubblier" spring rolls, as opposed to conventional rice wrapped ones! The exterior was crunchy and exhibited a nice crunch when I bit into it. The interior was moist, and the mushroom flavour really came through! The fish sauce that came on the side was more of a sweet chili based sauce than a fish sauce.
The combo also came with a side of pop, pretty good deal imo! :D

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