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   My mom, the grandparents and I trekked all the way to Gastown yesterday to go to Nuba...and when we got there turns out they were closed for Remembrance Day LOL! Soo we decided to go to Suika instead, and when we got there...LO AND BEHOLD, they were closed too!! We were so fed up and hungry we just went to the Earl's across the street from Suika...I know, I know, there are soo many better options downtown but we were so ravenous by then we didn't even care LOL! When you're hungry, you can't think properly haha!  

  I've actually never been to an Earl's, I see them all over Vancouver, but nothing has really compelled me to try them out, because I'm not a fan of chain restaurants in general. To my surprise, the place was packed when we walked in but we managed to get seated right away! Our server was so nice!! She was really patient with us and smiling the whole time even though we were really indecisive and kept asking for water! Everytime we asked for something she would be like "No problem!" "Of course!"

Shrimp + Pesto Pizza 10 inch $15
3/5 stars
  This was a good size for sharing! The dough was really thin, and held up and didn't get soggy in the middle. Taste wise, pretty standard, with a strong pesto flavour. The sun dried tomatoes were zippy and flavourful, definitely the highlight of the dish.

Spinach Artichoke Dip w/ Breadsticks glazed in Olive Oil 
2.5/5 stars
  This came with a ton of breadsticks, and we managed to finish it all harhar! The bread sticks were lightly toasted and glazed with a generous amount of olive oil. The spinach dip was served warm, with a strong hit from the feta. Consistency wise it was really thick, and more than enough for the breadsticks.

Mediterranean Linguini $14
 2/5 stars
   This was okay, really predictable! It tasted exactly how it looked lol, like feta, tomato, and olive oil! The noodles were cooked al dente, but personally I didn't find them bouncy enough haha.

Chicken, Brie, Fig Sandwich
3.5/5 stars
  This had roasted apples, garlic aioli, chicken and spinach in it! The flavours really meshed well together! The roasted apples really came through, and provided a nice tartness/sweetness! The bread was lightly toasted and not too dense.

Clam Chowder $10 large, 4 portions
3/5 stars
  Their Clam Chowder is one of Earl's signature dishes, and it was pretty tasty! It was thick but not too starchy, and the flavours were balanced. There was a decent amount of clam in there mixed in with some veggies.

Truffle Fries
3/5 stars
 I have a thing for french fries hehe, I really do. These were pretty good, crispy, soft, and really well seasoned! My only complaint would be that they didn't taste potato-ey enough which screams...processed LOL!

 Complimentary Chips
3/5 stars
  We also got some chips on the house!! They came out fresh and piping hot! They were really crispy, and basically tasted like corn haha.

Gingerbread Cake w/ Apple Compote and Vanilla Icecream $7
1.5/5 stars Cake
2/5 stars Compote
   We also shared a dessert, and we got their gingerbread cake, which was their special of the day! The cake was moist, but really dense. Brownie-like. The gingerbread flavour was subtle, but overall, it was really sweet. The apple compote was decent, glazed with a heavy sugary syrup.

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