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  Okay, you're probably thinking "What are you doing eating Taiwanese beef noodle soup at a Vietnamese restaurant?!" Actually, I was thinking the same thing when I got there LOL!! Well, apparently they're just as well known for their BNS as they are for their pho haha! Apparently the owners are Taiwanese or Chinese, and their chef is Vietnamese! 

  Since I was near Crystal Mall visiting my mom haha I decided to go to Green Bamboo because prolific commenter @LotusRapper strongly recommended that I try out their BNS! He claimed that it was better than Lao Shan Dong! He also recommended that I try out their cha gios (which I have previously) and from what I remember, they were awesome!! 

You can read my previous review on Green Bamboo here:
(Yes, I used the same storefront photo lol)

  While I was looking at the menu I noticed that they used Karl's (thefridaylunch) picture from his blog on the front page of their menu LOL!! You could tell because the picture was watermarked with "thefridaylunch" on the corner! 

House Special Beef Noodle Soup
4/5 stars
  This was a VERY solid bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup! This is probably the best version I've had to date outside of Taiwan!! I'm Taiwanese so I have really high expectations for BNS haha! Most of the BNS I've tried here in Van have been mediocre at best, but this version was surprisingly great! Andd considering that Green Bamboo is a Vietnamese restaurant makes this even more impressive lol! The noodles were bouncy and cooked al dente, and the broth had a deep, natural beefy flavour without being overly salty. 

4.5/5 stars
  Woww, the beef chunks were SOO TENDER!! Seriously, I just gently touched the beef with my chopsticks and it pulled apart effortlessly! The noodle soup came with 4 thick chunks of tender, braised beef. The beef had soaked up all the flavours of the broth but there was still a very robust beefy flavour.

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  1. My job is done here .......... :-D

  2. LOL it was awesome!! Thanks again for the rec! :D

  3. Your next mission, Agent Selina, is Sushiyama :-)

  4. Wait. What?! When did THAT happen? Guess I'm going tomorrow for some TBN and a menu check!! Great review, Selina.

  5. GB owes you royalties, Karl. But angle for a lifetime of free foods ;-)

  6. @thefridaylunch haha thanks Karl! LOL I was just as surprised as you when I saw the picture! Haha if you go tomorrow you should tell them!

    @LotusRapper Haha Sushiyama's on my list!! Haven't forgotten about it! :)

  7. I managed to convince DCMAFB! to go to GB too :-)

  8. Yes I saw haha! The BBH looks really good too! :)


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