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  Yes...I've lived in the GVR for my entire life and I've never been to a JJ Bean. I've heard dreamy stories about their cappuccinos, lattes, and muffins, and how they're the best in the city! Since I was craving a muffin yesterday (sometimes you just want to stuff your face with pillowy bread LOL) I decided to go try out one of their famous muffins!

  Before you say "How can you go to JJ Bean and not order coffee?" and "Who orders tea at JJ Bean?!" Welll...that would me! But I have my reasons LOL! Lately I've been suspecting that I'm actually semi allergic to coffee, because every time I drink coffee, I get a burning sensation in the back of my throat, and it starts to itch! I'm not sure if it's due to the kind of bean they use, or if it's because of the cream, but at the moment, I'm laying off the coffee haha! Good thing I'm not much of a coffee drinker to begin with, I'm more of a tea person! 

Random/funny thing I just remembered: My mom calls me everyday at 4:40 - 5 ish, and asks me if I've eaten dinner yet!! Everytime I tell her "it's 4...why would I eat dinner now? LOOL!! I have nooo idea why she does that! 

Wow the interior is so lush!! Love the wood panelling!

Japaleno Cheese Muffin $2.50
3/5 stars
  This was my first time having a savoury muffin...ever LOL!! This was also my first time getting full off of a muffin haha! This thing was absolutely huge!! Not the largest muffin I've ever seen, but certainly the largest I've ever consumed lol! JJ Bean's muffins are about twice the size of starbucks! It looks small in the picture,but trust me, it's huge in person! At 500 calories, I ate this for lunch haha, and I ended up really full haha! Not too shabby for $2.50! The outside was crispy and the inside was super soft and moist! The cheese flavour was very prominent, and the japaleno was actually really strong...zip the back of your throat strong!!

Masala Spice Tea $2.50
1/5 stars
  I got this thinking "Oohhh, masala, sounds exotic!!" LOL! But then I realized that it was just chai tea...wow, such a fail.
  They didn't brew the tea, instead they just plopped a tea bag in it, which was a bit disappointing. However, I do realize JJ Bean is a coffee shop so my expectations shouldn't be too high. Apparently they call their tea "JJ Leaf" LOL. Nice. 
  Flavour wise, this was so underwelming! The bagged Stash tea I have at home tastes better than this lol! The chai flavour was so weak and watered down :(

The tea bag looked really fancy LOL...it was pyramid shaped and the material felt really premium lol!

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