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  I know what you're thinking... "What is she doing blogging about Knight & Day?!" I know, I knoww you're probably shaking your head in disapproval LOL! I've heard bad things about Knight & Day, but my dad wanted to eat here because back in the dayy, he use to come here alot haha. I've never been to a Knight & Day, but from looks of it I was expecting something along the lines of ABC Country Restaurant or Denny's haha.

  When he arrived the place was completely empty, and my dad got all nostalgic and he was like "aww, what happened to old Knight&Day?" LOL. The menu is pretty diverse, it ranges from burgers, to quesadillas, pastas, steak, even souvlaki dishes!

Greek Salad
2/5 stars
  Hmm, this wasn't bad lol. It was actually better than alot of food court "greek" salads! The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, and there was a good amount of crumbled feta on top!

Chicken Souvlaki Meal $11.99 daily special (normally $14)
2.5/5 stars
  Heh, this wasn't bad either LOL! My dad really enjoyed this, and in all honesty, it was actually decent! Definitely not "authentic" but in terms of flavour, the chicken was well seasoned and exhibited a charred flavour. The chicken was a bit dry but the portion size was quite large!

Pesto Cranberry Quesadilla $11.99
2/5 stars 
  This was soo greasy!! Completely soaked in oil on the bottom. Once I got past the oiliness, the other elements weren't bad, the quesadilla, although lacking in cheese, had ample ingredients to make up for it. The combination of pesto and cranberry was strangely enjoyable lol. The exterior was really light and flaky, almost chip like. Wow, I sure am feeling generous today with my reviews LOL! The fries were good though, they were very potatoey and exhibited a light, crispy exterior!

My dad's combo also came with a side of garlic bread. Pretty standard stuff, but combined with the rice, it made for a really filling meal!

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