La Marche St. George

  This might just be my new favourite place!! Seriously, this place is so me haha! From the outside this place looks like a thrift store, but once you step in, you realize you've been teleported to a magical french/hipster coffee shop!! Word is getting out about this place haha, before it use to be a local secret because its located in the suburbs off of Fraser St!

  La Marche St.George is famous for their croissants, crepes and their coffee! Half of the store operates like a little grocery store, with a ton of hipster food brands lined up on the shelves haha, and the other half operates like a cafe! They even sell pints of Earnest Ice Cream and juice from the Juice Truck!! Uhh, could this place get anymore perfect? LOL! The only downside is since the place is so small, seating is really limited and space is tight, so make sure to grab a seat before ordering!

 LOL and the funniest thing happened while I taking pictures of my food! The guy who sat next to me offered to help me take a photo of myself LOL because he thought I was a tourist!! So I posed in the centre of the store and he snapped a photo of me haha!! 
  And then the lady at the counter thought I was a tourist and she said "Xie Xie" (Thankyou in Mandarin) to me LOL!! 

Ham & Gruere with Bechamel, Gluten Free Crepe $11.95
4/5 stars
   This was awesome!! Bonus points for being gluten free haha! The crepe was super flaky and thin, but the crepe itself was really thick from the filling! It was stuffed with large pieces of ham, and smothered with generous amounts of cheese and bechamel! Together, it was an explosion of flavours in my mouth, and it was just delicious!
  It also came with a salad on the side, which was dressed in a tangy, sour vinaigrette!

Asparagus & Asiago Quiche $7.95
3/5 stars
  When the lady brought over this she had a shocked expression on her face and she told me "Wow, you must be really hungry!" LOL!! Yea, I get that alot ;)
  The quiche itself was medium sized and stuffed with tender chunks of asiago, with interwoven layers of asparagus! The shell was very flaky, fragrant, and buttery! The flavours were delicate, which really let the natural taste of the cheese shine through!

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  1. Cool little place indeed.

    What are the prices of the items you ordered ?

    1. Sorry I forgot to put in the prices! I'll update it now!

      The crepe was a bit pricey at $11.95 and all the quiches were on special for $7.95! :)


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