Madras Dosa House

   When I first heard about dosas, I was intrigued! A crepe the size of a baseball bat? Count me in!! LOL! So I looked up places for dosas in Vancouver, and this place on Fraser St came up! The reviews looked promising, and the prices were really reasonable! $8 - $10 lunch specials!

  This got me thinking, how do they package take out orders? LOL! The dosas are ridiculously massive, there wouldn't be a box that it could fit in! Maybe they just hand it to you in a paper bag? haha!

  When I walked in, the place was a desert LOL. No diner in sight. Just me! Which was a relief LOL, because I'm really self conscious about eating around people haha! But, it also meant that this place *might* not be that good. I was seated at a two person table, and served by a girl about my age! I had questions about the menu, but she couldn't answer any of my questions...she just read off of the description on the menu haha! Forgivable though, since she was so young!

Lamb Masala Dosa $10.99 Combo
3/5 stars
  The table beside me gasped when they saw this LOL, and they asked me "Are you going to be able to finish that?" It looked like a lot of food, but it actually wasn't lol! The dosa was only filled a quarter into the wrap! The shell was super thin and airy, and really crunchy! The lamb masala filling had spinach and potatoes in it. Flavour wise, the lamb was spicy but I found the filling to be a bit one note.

Here's a peek inside the dosa!

3/5 stars
  I really liked this!Even though it looked watered down, it wasn't at all! It was spicy, and tasted strongly of coriander! There were pieces of chopped up celery, carrots, and onion in it! The cilantro added a nice kick.

3/5 stars
  The dosa also came with some sauces on the side! I didn't know what neither of them were (cause I'm a total noob LOL) but they were both pretty tasty! The orange sauce tasted like curry and the green stuff was mild tasting and creamy!

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  1. "The table beside me gasped when they saw this LOL, and they asked me "Are you going to be able to finish that?" "

    Well they sure don't know you, do they ??? :-D

  2. LOLOL well obviously not! ;P
    I had no problem polishing off that dosa by myself! hehe


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