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   Sorry for posting late today lol...I had a pretty crazy night yesterday...LOL JUST KIDDING, I was (and still am) sick!! I caught a cold, so I was sneezing and coughing the entire night and I slept in till 12, which is rare for me haha, because I usually wake up at 7am (even on saturdays!)

  A few days ago dad and I decided to go to Pearl Castle for dinner...he has this thing for Taiwanese restaurants LOL! He's not Taiwanese, but people think he's Taiwanese because he lived in Taiwan for 8 years so he has a Taiwanese accent haha!

  Anyways, a few months back Pearl Castle released their new menu, and I finally got around to trying it out! They added some spicy Szechuan inspired dishes to their menu, and a couple of new hotpots!

Marinated Pork Chop w/Rice $8.50
3/5 stars
  The pork chops were wet. Borderline soggy LOL! According to my Taiwanese mom, this is how they're meant to be haha! The pork chops were reasonably tender, exhibiting a potent 5 spice flavour.  At $8.50, this was pretty good deal! The combo came with two large pieces of pork chop! It thought it was odd that they didn't cut it up (like they do for their other dishes) but I solved that by asking for a knife lol!

Dry Spicy Chicken Pot
3/5 stars
  Soo Pearl Castle is venturing in Szechuan cuisine now huh? My dad's Cantonese, so he doesn't eat spicy food that often, so for him, this was way too spicy haha! I tried it, and by my standards, it wasn't even that spicy haha! This was actually pretty good! Flavourful, with tender pieces of chicken soaked in a spicy sauce with onions!

Side Dishes 2/5 stars
Rice 0/5 stars

  The rice was such a disappointment!! It was soggy! WET and SOGGY!! My rice was soggy too! I wasn't really surprised though...LOL, Pearl Castle tends to be really inconsistent when it comes to their rice. Some days it's perfectly cooked, other days it's half dry/wet, but this time it was wet! 
The side dishes were okay, typical and nothing to write home about.


  1. Wet rice? Yuk! Does your mom like to stay home to eat? It's always you and your dad. You should also post the Urbanspoon stamps right away so they don't all show at once! Pearl castle in BBY is better right?

  2. haha I know right! It was gross...but I ate it anyway LOL! Can't waste food!

    My mom lives on her own, she rarely goes out to eat because she cooks her own food!

    Personally I find that the food quality depends on who's cooking that day haha! I do really like the Burnaby location though! I've been there 3 times and I haven't been disappointed! :)

    Sure haha, I'll add the stamp right now! But sometimes I don't have time, especially on weekdays, because I'm really busy! :)

  3. Oh wait, haha, I can't add the stamp this time because it's a "revisit" post, so there is no stamp! I have to do it manually from my urbanspoon page! :)

  4. Have you tried PC in richmond? Some reviewers publish their reviews all at once to get bumped and it gets annoying lol. Where is your fave bubble tea house?

    1. I've been to all their locations, I don't really prefer one over another, but I do find the food quality at the Richmond ones to be more consistent! I like the Burnaby location alot because its less hectic compared to the Richmond ones haha!

      Haha I totally understand! That's not my intention though, it's just more convenient for me to publish all at once, but I'll stop doing that from now on! :)

      My favourite Bubble tea place? Hands down Bubble Queen lol! I also love getting $2 bb tea from Fresh Elements in Yaohan hehe!!
      Bubble World is pretty good as well, and so is Pearl Castle! :D
      I also like going to Milk &Sugar Cafe on Kingsway for their daily specials
      How about you? :)

  5. I see one (?) piece of porkchop. Your description sounded more positive than the score (2/5) you gave it. Confused

  6. There were actually two (small) pieces haha! The angle just makes it look like its one piece! :)

    You're right haha, sorry, I wasn't thinking properly at the time! It should probably be 3/5! I'll change it! :)


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