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  Since my dad had promised to go out for dinner yesterday, I knew we would be eating something unhealthy LOL, soo for lunch, I decided to "prep" for it by eating something healthy LOL! And this place has HEALTHY written all over it! We did end up eating burgers for dinner at Red Robbin LOL!! It all balances out right? ;)

  Radicle Juice is a juicing shop, similar to the Juice Truck, located on Main St! This place is relatively new but it fits right in with the Main St. vibe! I bet a lot of hipsters/vegans hang out here LOL!

  Radical Juice is located right beside Last Crumb Bakery, so if you're feeling ever so guilty after stuffing your face with one of their calorific desserts LOL rest assured you can go over to Radicle Juice and get yourself a cleansing juice!  ;)

Ugh, the decor in here is just perfect!! The layout of the store is similar to a loft, with an extra level of seating on the second floor!

(Click to Enlarge) I can't tell if this picture is blurry or if my computer screen is just really dirty LOL!

Red Dawn $6.50, Mug $3 extra
4/5 stars

  I opted for one of their speciality juices, Red Dawn, which has beets, ginger, grapefruit and lime in it! I also got one of their take home hipster mason jar mugs for an extra $3 hehehe. I felt so cool walking around with this LOL!

  The dominant flavours were definitely the lime and the ginger! The lime was really strong, which made the drink really sour! The ginger added an extra zing at the end which tingles you at the back of your throat. They didn't add any sugar to this so I definitely felt super duper healthy drinking it LOL!

Superfood Acai Bowl $10
3.5/5 stars

  I also got one of their acai bowls, which is one of the new additions to their menu! This had sprirulina, goji berry, chia seeds, hemp seeds, banana, and granola in it! The acai bowl was served cold so it was super refreshing! The contrasting textures made it really fun to eat! Everything tasted really fresh, and the combination of flavours worked really well together. I ate this for lunch and it was actually really filling!

They also sell soup, salads, and a ton of natural snacks at the front!

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