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  Roots is a little cafe on Main St, famous for their butter chicken poutine!! Apparently it won first in Vancouver Foodster's Butter Poutine challenge!  Sadlyy, I didn't try it, because lately, for some weird reason I've been getting a rash on my face everytime I consume something with butter/milk in it! It usually goes away in an hour or so, but it still suckss, because almost everything has milk in it LOL!! And I'm a food blogger haha!! I can't have food restrictions! What would that mean for my blog?!

  Anywayss...LOL Roots serves breakfast and lunch, but they also have an impressive selection of dairy free/nut/gluten free house made pastries! Interesting items on the menu that I really wanted to try were their vegan fafalel burgers and curry mayo fries!

 Quinoa Bowl w/ Mango Curry Sauce & Chicken
4.5/5 stars
  Woww, this was SO good!! The combination of flavours meshed together beautifully! The sweetness of the beets, paired with the tanginess of the mango curry, with the grassy flavour of the vegetables was a winning combination! The vegetables were steamed and everything tasted really fresh! This was actually served warm instead of cold!

I loveddd it, clearly LOL ;)

They have a ton of nut, dairy, gluten, free goodies!! :D

Later in the day I had a gingerbread latte (with almond milk) from Blenz,to keep myself preoccupied while I was waiting for the bus haha! This was actually pretty disappointing, it didn't taste like gingerbread at all!! I want my $5 back!! :(

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  1. I've been there for the occasional coffee and snacks, but never forayed into their Indian offerings. The folks are very nice, I think I chatted with the owner lady once, she was super friendly. Funny in the entire Sunset/Langara neighbourhood this is the only cafe on Main St. unless you go up to 33rd Ave to Little Mtn. Coffee Co.

  2. You should definitely try out their butter chicken!
    haha, the lady seemed nice! She asked me "Why are you taking a picture?" LOL and I had to explain that I was a blogger!

    Yep, aside from Roots, the only other cafes are LIttle Mtn, and the Grind Coffee Bar! But they recently opened up a (huge) new Cafe Artagiano near Little Mtn!


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