The Reef - Main St

  I've been planning to go to the Reef for a while now, and one day when my dad got back from a vinyl spinning event on Main, he randomly gave me a coupon for the Reef LOL!! I was like "Yessh, this was just what I needed!!" LOL! Funny how things work out eh? So yesterday I skipped over to the Reef to use up my coupon! The coupon was for a free plate of plantain chips with any purchase of an entree, which is a reallyy good deal, since the chips are $6!

Johnny Cakes
3.5/5 stars
   These are tiny little balls of joy! They're crunchy on the outside, and super moist and soft on the inside. Subtly sweet, and really enjoyable! It also came with a side of sweet butter for dipping!

Plantain Chips
3.5/5 stars
  Considering that this was free, I wasn't expecting much (portion wise), but they still gave me a ton and I couldn't finish it haha. The chips were really crunchy, modestly seasoned with salt and chilli, but the natural flavour of the plantain really shone through. It also came with a side of awesome jerk mayo!

Jerk Chicken $15
3/5 stars
  Their jerk sauce is one of their signature dishes! It was okay, the flavours were a bit on the weak side, exhibiting a slight tang, and spice. They also sell jars of their jerk sauce in store! The plate also came with a side of rice& beans, and some sour tasting coleslaw!

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