Thyme to Indulge French Bistro

  I've been hanging around the Riley Park/Mount Pleasant area alot the past two weeks haha, and while I was perusing Main St, I came across this adorable little french bistro by accident! :D 
I peered through the windows and checked out what people were eating (like a total creeper) LOL and it looked so enticing I just couldn't resist haha! 

  Apparently this place has cronuts too LOL, but they didn't have the day I went, which was such a bummer! I have yet to try a cronut or a *knockoff* version haha...are they really worth the hype? 
Thyme even makes their own macarons, which you can enjoy with their selection of gourmet teas! They also do catering for parties and events! 

How adorbs is this cottage theme they have going on? :D

They have counter seating near the windows overlooking the parking lot LOL!

Crab Cake Benny $14
3/5 stars
  The crab cake benedict is part of their brunch menu and has two locally farmed poached eggs, two dungeness crab cakes, fresh dill hollandaise sauce with parmesan breakfast potatoes and tomato provencal! (Yes, I totally stole the description from their website hehe) 

  The hollandiase sauce was really creamy and tangy from the dill, but it didn't overpower the flavours of the crab cake! The crab cakes were soft and fluffy, a bit wet, but well flavoured. The egg was nicely poached, and the bread was springy and soft. 

4/5 stars
  The hash was delicious, crusted on the edges, soft on the inside, and seasoned very well! It also came with a side of ketchup which wasn't really necessary, imo! The provencal was juicy and tasted really fresh!

They have macarons too! The pumpkin one looked so good! :D

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  1. the crab cake benny looks delish! And I didn't know they had macarons!

  2. hehe I really enjoyed the crab cake benny! I'll definitely be back to try out more dishes on their brunch menu! :D
    I was surprised they had macarons haha, I wonder if they make them in house! :)


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