Trilussa Pizza & Pane - Main St.

  Remember I told you guys I was craving pizza yesterday? Before you go "Heyy, I thought you were trying to eat healthy!" Well I did eat something healthy...sorta LOL! I made the healthiest possible choice, and got a pizza "salad" hahaha! That's as healthy as pizza can get! ;)

  Anyways, I found this place on Yelp while I was strolling down Main St, aka Hipster Central haha! It was pouring rain and I was walking around like a idiot looking at reviews of all the restaurants I was passing by LOL (the things I do for this blog!) I saw some pretty interesting ones that want to try out: The Reef, Shanti's Curries, Solly's Bagelry, and the Splitz Grill!

 Then I came across Trilussa, which has a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, which is...really hard to come by! Apparently this place makes the most authentic pizza in all of Vancouver! One guy even claimed that he had traveled the world and this was the best pizza he's ever eaten!

  While I was noshing on my pizza alot of people came in, and it seemed like they were all regulars because the owner was greeting them all by name, which is always a good sign!

Soo many choices!! I WANT ALL OF THEM!! If only I had the money...and the stomach space LOL! ;)

The Vancouver $6.34/Regular Size
3.5/5 stars
  For premium, authentic pizza made with fresh ingredients, this was a great deal! 4 pieces was enough and really satisfying! They serve all their pizzas on a paddle board, which adds to the appeal haha. The "Vancouver" is topped with smoked salmon, and organic salad! There was also (what tasted like) thousand island dressing in it. The smoked salmon had a subtle smokey flavour, and was really flavourful from the spices. The pizza dough itself was a little hard and doughy for my liking, I prefer soft dough that sags a bit lol, but it wasn't a big deal! 

Lemon Lavender Cake from Trafiq
3.5/5 stars much for being healthy! After lunch I went over to Trafiq a few doors down for some dessert heheh! Seriously, how could I resist? Cakes are just so...ENTICING!! First of all, isn't this pretty? It's decorated with dainty little "pearls" on top and purple lavender flakes! 

This slice was huge lol, I wasn't expecting it to be this big! The cake was super moist and airy! Texturally impeccable. As for flavour, I found the lemon/lavender flavour to be a bit weak. You could only really taste bits of lavender interwoven into the layers. The frosting itself was rather sweet though. 

Red Velvet Cake Tea from David's Tea
3/5 stars
   So after lunch I went over to Metrotown to do some shopping haha, and I got thirsty in the process, so I got some David's Tea!! 
  When I saw this I knew I had to get it LOL! Red velvet tea form? Get out!! So I got myself some hehe. And it tasted exactly like red velvet cake! Except with a strong black tea undertone. It has white chocolate in it so it's really sweet. While I was drinking it I read the ingredients online and I was disappointed to learn that this actually has "artificial" flavouring in it. Since David Tea's markets itself as a "premium" brand I guess I was just expecting something more natural. Oh well! 

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  1. Haven't been to Trilussa in ages (since they were new a few years ago)> Very good, but $$.

    Other worthy reccs for you (pizza by the slice):

    Pizza Garden (Commercial Dr; downtown; UBC; New West)
    Nat's New York Pizzeria (Kits; downtown)
    Ragazzi Pizza Co (E. 22 Ave)

    Some of these are healthier than others, but all are a cut above the rest !

  2. Yep, Trilussa is pricey, but really solid! :D

    Haha I was planning on going to Pizza Garden next week! :)
    Thanks for the recs! If I'm ever nearby I'll definitely check out Nat's and Ragazzi's!

  3. Ragazzi's only has pepperoni, Hawaiian and vegetarian by-the-slice. Pizza Garden has a few more options but the Commercial Drive location has barely enough room to allow two persons to sit inside (unless you're sitting outside if not raining). Nat's is more "traditional" in its options but GINORMOUS thin slices just like the NYC ones, where you'd love to fold it in half to bite. Nat's prices have crept up a bit in the last couple of years.

    I hear Don't Argue Pizza on Main (@ 17th) is pretty good for slices but I believe the slices are only available midday. I haven't been so it's another on the radar.

  4. Also see:

  5. Wow, you must have a really good memory to be able to refer back to your chowhound discussions from a few years ago! Thanks for the link, it was really helpful!

    yay NY style pizza! I'll have to give Nat's a go then! :)


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