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  So yesterday my dad didn't let me hand out candy or wear a costume! His rationale? "There are alot of creeps out there...you don't want to attract any attention!" LOL! Paranoid much? Okay finee, if he wasn't going to let me have any fun we might as well go out to eat haha! That, he agreed with. So off we went! He wanted to get Taiwanese food at Bubble World LOL...but in the end we settled for White Spot. 

  Even though I'm a BC kid, I've only been to White Spot twice lmao!! Hard to believe right? Well, back then I was allergic to everything on the menu (except for the fries!) So sadly, Pirate Paks were not a part of my childhood LOL...yes I was so deprivedd ;)

Baked Creamy Cheese Broccoli
3/5 stars

  This is what my dad had! Apparently it's a White Spot classic! And he really liked it! So much that he didn't whine about it being $14! Welll, when you eat dim sum everyday...LOL. 
  Anyways, I tried a bit of it, and it was alright. Really creamy, smooth, with a mild curry flavour. The cheese wasn't too prominent, and it wasn't overly salted. The rice it came with was soft and fluffy, nothing amiss there. 

Nat's Beef Dip
3/5 stars

  I also got another dish off of their classic menu, Nat's Beef Dip! I probably should've gotten the Legendary Burger LOL..I've never eaten an actual white spot burger! I know, I know, the shamee!! ;)
  This was fairly decent as well, large portioned with tender slices of reasonably juicy roast beef. It also came with some au jus on the side which tasted a tad bit too watered down. The bread was a bit too doughy for my liking, and it was advertised as being "garlic" but I couldn't taste any of the garlic haha. 

The Spot's Salad
3.5/5 stars
  We both got salads, keeping with the health theme this week LOL! Also because I'm not too fond of the fries at WS, I find that they're not crispy enough. But I really liked this! The greens were really fresh and dressed in a light, tangy dressing, and topped with shaved almonds and cranberries! 

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  1. $14 for that bowl of Baked Creamy Cheese Broccoli with a side of plain rice and salad ?!?!? Wow. I've stopped going to WS years ago when a modest meal for my family of 3 hit $50 before taxes/tip. Like, seriously ?!? To me, WS just seems like they're stuck in the 1980's in terms of sophistication and quality, yet they have the galls to charge prices that are almost in the "CFD" (casual fine dining) territory occupied by Cactus Club, Earl's, Milestones and Joey's. Sorry to rant, but WS is like the Air Canada or Safeway of restaurants ..... so old in the tooth and outdated that they have become caricatures of themselves. I know there's still legions of Spot Burger fans out there, but man, for the same prices (or less) there's a plethora of gourmet burgers in town that'll simply blow the Spot Burger away.

    OK thanks for listening to my rant. Just that talking about WS hits a nerve with me.

    1. LOL I totally understand! They've raised their prices to compete with the midrange casual fine dining restaurants, but in reality, they really can't compete! For the money, the value just isn't there.
      I guess some people just go to white spot for nostalgic reasons LOL so I guess that's how they stay in business! I really hope people don't come to WS and think this is representative of Vancouver's dining scene lmao!!

  2. I've had so many horrible experiences at White Spot, such as finding large pieces of plastic in my food on more than one occasion and at multiple locations! LOL wtf right?

    I can't believe you couldn't go trick or treating too! Free candy..!

    1. Woww that's terrible LOL! At more than one location too? They really have to step up their game! Over the years white spot has really started to go downhill...

      LMAO overprotective asian dad!! His reasoning? "people might poison your candy" and "why would you want to eat that junk?" LOL
      So he brought me to T&T and he let me buy mochi and wife cakes to compensate!! Totally not the same as going trick or treating tho! Lol!

  3. Dunno how your Chinese is, Selina, but those "wife cakes" Chinese name is "老婆餅" (old lady pastry), LOL !

    Re: WS ..... the only people I know who go there go there for nostalgic reasons, exactly as you say. Sorry for my scathing remarks about them, but I just can't candy-coat (trick-or-treat pun intended) my feelings for WS, an anachronistic restaurant chain that needs serious updating (lower prices, much better quality, stop trying to be trendy).

  4. Yes LOL wife cakes is lao po bing in Mandarin!! I speak 98% fluent Mandarin haha but with a Canadian accent LOL!! When I go abroad people can never guess where I'm from! They're like "You speak Mandarin, but with a weird accent, are you Vietnamese or Malaysian?"

    LOL nice pun!! No worries, you're just voicing your opinion! But I agree with you, WS should stop trying to be trendy, and go back to their roots! If they're going to raise their prices the food should at least be reflective of that, but its not!

  5. The date shows 11/2/14 here but 11/5/14 on urban spoon?

  6. Haha opps! I meant to change it to 11/4/14...lol, total fail on my part! I don't publish the post directly on the day that I post it on my blog because sometimes I don't have time to link the posts using spoonback! So I usually publish them together! If I publish it on 11/2/14, the day it was posted, it gets published too far back.

    Hope this clear things up haha! :D

  7. Wow your dad is so overprotective lol... and I thought mine was bad hahaha

  8. LOOL he's definitely teetering on the "extreme" end of the asian dad spectrum haha!! But he's just looking out for best interests, so I guess I can't blame him for that haha! :P


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