A&W - Highschool Nostalgia!

 I use to got to A&W alot back in highschool lol. Mainly because we would get coupons mailed to our door every month haha!! I just couldn't let those coupons go to waste!! Usually I would go afterschool hehe, and it was totally the best part of my day ;)

  We never get A&W coupons anymore but a fews a days ago my dad got one mailed to his business mailbox!! You should've seen my face lol. I was gleefully looking through all the coupons "The combos are cheaper now!! Look Dad look!! 3 years ago the mama burger combos were $9.99, now it's $9!!" Yes, I get excited over coupons. Likee any normal person would!! ;)

  On instagram @missvancouverpiggy (www.missvancouverpiggy.blogspot.ca) said that "fast food is a luxury for me" and I kinda have to agree with her LOL!! Sounds silly, but I can totally relate, because as a food blogger, you don't get to eat fast food that often because no one wants to read about Tim Hortons or Burger King all the time LOL! Or do you guys?? No really, you tell me! Cause I have a Arby's coupon that I haven't used yet hehe.

  I haven't been to an A&W since Gr.11! They never use to serve the root beer in actual glass mugs haha, at least not at my local A&W by Metrotown/Saveonfoods (which closed down!) So I was pretty impressed that the drinks came in prechilled glass mugs!! :D

  They even serve russet style fries and yam fries now! Remember when they only had the processed white stringy kind? Those were still pretty decent though, similar to Costco fries!

   Anyone else notice that they serve the food on steel trays instead of plastic ones now? I think they're trying to be trendy with the whole rustic thing LOL!!

Can't go to A&W without having their root beer hehe! I love how they don't use ice in their drinks so it doesn't dilute the taste! :D

Teen Burger - 2 burger combo w/ fries + drink $11
2.5/5 stars

  My dad had the teen burger, and it got his stamp of approval! He said it was 100% better than McDonalds (The last time he ate a McDonalds burger he almost gagged LOL!) 
  1. The bun wasn't deformed. The patty was a decent size, albeit a bit dry and lacking in moisture. 2. There was an actual slice of tomato and lettuce in it. The bacon was real bacon and it was really crispy! The ketchup/relish sauce they use is pretty delish!! 

Mozza Burger
2/5 stars
  I had the smaller Mozza burger, sans cheese! This was actually way better than what I remember! My favourite part was the bacon hehe. The bacon slices were actually pretty thick, nicely charred and smokey! The patty was thinner than the one on the teen burger, and it was drier too. The bun was pretty decent, it was bouncy and there was alot of sesame seeds on top!

Russet Fries
3.5/5 stars
 If you order the full size fries they serve it to you in a cute little metal basket! These were actually pretty good lol and I ate the entire packet hehe! They were potatoey, soft, a bit crispy on the edges, and I loved how they left the skin on the tips!

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  1. This picture isn't the Oak & 49th A&W.


    1. LOL I just typed "a&w" into the search bar on urbanspoon and clicked the first one that came up because I was too tired to look through all the locations haha! This is the one by Surrey Central! Sorry for the confusion!! :)

  2. omg I can't believe you haven't been to A&W in so long haha

    1. Haha I know right?! It's been wayy too long!! ;) I thoroughly enjoyed it hehe


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