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 I have a thing for muffins. But I don't have a muffin top (thankfully) LOL!! Or do I? ;)
Actually I'm pretty sure I don't since I wear leggings 100% of the time hahaha. Which yes, may disgust some of you. "Leggings are not pants Selina." That, I am aware of. But I choose to ignore it harharhar. They're just so dang comfy! Comfort over everythangg!!

Anywayss, a couple of days ago, an hour before finals, I decided to pop into Bean Around the World for some breaky! They're known for their amazing coffee, but they also have a large selection of pastries and muffins! I, being the nonconformist (jk) that I am, I got a hot chocolate w/ almond milk instead hehe. 

Peach Blueberry Muffin
3/5 stars
  This thing was loaded with fresh blueberries and bits of peach! Not too heavy,  perfectly size,  with a crusty exterior and a soft, albeit dense, interior. It was lightly sweetened and not too overwelming!

Hot Chocolate w/ Almond Milk
4/5 stars
  Mmm this was delish!! The hot chocolate was super smooth and the perfect sweetness! Almond milk was definitely a great choice because it lent an incredible aromic flavour to it!

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